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The world is transforming from traditional financial institutions to innovating mobile-only banks. Especially the generation of millennials force the financial world to change the way they operate: from face-to-face, to online, to mobile. The finance industry is changing course to be ready for the ‘mobile first’ future.

Banks, insurance companies, Payment Service Providers and Fintech startups demand innovative and reliable global services, identification methods, fraud prevention and marketing tools.

CM has proven to provide numerous mobile solutions for the finance industry in one platform. We enable all banking and finance institutions worldwide to easily step in and front run on innovative communication, interaction, transactions and identification. All in one secure platform.

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Together with CA Technologies and Finextra, we’ve combined the opportunities and threats of PSD2 in a white paper.

How CM helps the finance industry

Simple integration

A simple integration makes it easier to get started quickly and reach your audience. Connect the SMS and Voice gateway to any platform or application. When you don't have a developer available, you can easily send your messages directly from the website.

Security features

CM supports mandatory authentication (PSD2) for electronic transactions or co-worker login-sessions for digital portals. Next to a secure VPN connectivity or HTTPS connection, a GEO IP location API is available.

Global reach

Instant worldwide communication is essential when your customers want to verify a login session or transaction. CM is connected with over 60 direct operators to ensure a 90% delivery within just 10 seconds.

24/7 support

Immediate insight in your traffic, with our analytics tool, enhances customer satisfaction and allows you to act on real-time trends. Our Network Operations Center is on standby for support 24/7/365.

How the financial sector can benefit from our platform


Face-to-face identification has long been the only way to perform verification and authentication of an identity. For the financial world, correct identification of a person is an indispensable element in almost all consumer processes. Their customers can access online services anytime and anywhere. That is why mobile and online identification are becoming increasingly important. CM offers globally activated solutions to validate someone's identity on distance.

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One Time Passwords

Customers of the ABN AMRO bank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, can easily log in to their ABN AMRO Lease account with One Time Passwords. Together with token specialist RSA and CM, they have simply added SMS as the second authentication layer to their login process to ensure that the log-in session is done by the authorized user.

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Mobile notifications

Transactional platforms in the Purchase-to-Pay, Electronic Trading or Wealth Management domain provide increasing transparency to clients on a specific transactional status or change. Communicate with any client globally and instantly via mobile messaging.

Reach your clients on their mobile phone around the world by SMS, RCS, Push notifications and Hybrid (Push with SMS fall-back). Use messaging to send notifications, to inform your clients about a bank overdraft or critical warnings.

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SMS gateway

Two Factor Authentication for FinTech startups

Innovative FinTech startups need a fast, safe and simple integration for mobile payments and Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Our wide range of reliable access products via SMS, Push and Voice provides authentication solutions for mobile, online and in-app transactions.

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Fraud prevention

The number of financial fraud cases grow continuously. Fraud prevention and data protection are at top of the agenda at most banks and other institutions.

Number Verifier, based on HLR, is here as a solution for card cloning fraud and data theft. The likelihood of a valid transaction or withdrawal can be checked automatically. For this, the location of the users’ mobile phone and the used ATM are compared. This fraud prevention solution of CM can easily be implemented in existing processes.

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IBAN verification

Validating the identity of your online client is easy with IBAN verification. With this validation method companies are able to verify if a IBAN provided by the client is in use and to whom it is registered. This automated form of identification and validation saves data entry mistakes, time and money.

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