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eGovernment and mGovernment solutions

Across Europe, public services are becoming increasingly accessible. Governments and public bodies increasingly improve their digital and mobile presence. 

For numerous practices governmental departments, agencies and public bodies find their way to the CM platform. Whether it’s VAT reminders per SMS, One Time Passwords for authentication during login processes or citizen SMS alerts. 

CM seamlessly integrates mobile applications at government institutions making it possible for public bodies to interact and communicate with citizens on their mobile phones.

  1. Modernization

    We already live in a ‘mobile only’ world. This sends a clear signal to governmental institutions for digital and mobile acceleration.

  2. Cost reduction

    SMS reminders result in reduced paper waste: reminders mean fewer letters being posted from administrative offices chasing payments.

  3. Cross-border mobility

    Citizens are world travelers, while most governmental services are offered offline. Basic public services are processed much more efficient by activating eGovernment and mGovernment.

How governments can benefit from our platform

Secure login eGov services

Secure login eGov services

Citizens value the easy and fast usage of online and mobile services of public bodies. Often these portals comprehend personal information such as names, birth dates and addresses. Implement authentication solutions such as One Time Password to secure this data. 

Furthermore, all European governments need to be able to secure identification of citizens online. iDIN is an example of a fast and secure Dutch online identification method. In Belgium Itsme is an example of a local app that allows Belgians to safely and easily confirm their identity online.

Local payments

In most countries citizens pay taxes, parking fines and passport renewal costs to the Central government. Cash transactions have made room for card payments and innovating payment methods. Everyone wants to make payments in a way that is familiar and convenient to them. 

This is why CM offers all payment solutions from a platform. By offering the complete package of payment methods that citizens regularly use, you increase the feeling of security, security and convenience when making payments to the government.

Local payments
Crisis communication

Crisis communication

In case of an local or nationwide emergency you want to inform citizens as quickly as possible. An effective method to reach a large population is by using SMSVoicePush or Hybrid notifications (Push with SMS fallback).

CM offers all mobile notification methods. For example the Dutch national police force have the option to send a ‘ Citizens Alert’ via SMS to ask the public to be aware in case of a missing person or criminal incident.

Reminders as a service

In most countries elections find place every few years. Expensive television slots, radio spots and flyers; political parties do everything during election time to get into contact with their voters. Voters are most productive and thus most contactable on their mobile phones. 

Democratic Alliance (DA) is a South African political party and believe that mobile is the way forward. This party interacts with and mobilize voters by using the CM platform. CM offers for these purposes SMS campaigns and Voice messages.

SMS Reminders as a service

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Why other government agencies trust

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Dutch National Police Force

In case of a missing person or another incident, Dutch police sends a SMS to ask citizens to be aware. This has led to a drop in crime rates and an increase in the recovery of missing persons

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Democratic Alliance (South Africa)

This political party has chosen CM’s Hybrid messaging solutions to interact with voters, campaigners and to secure its IT infrastructure with One Time Passwords through SMS and Push

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In case of emergency, they send SMS alerts. The Bangkok riots is an example. The Dutch government sent a SMS alert to Dutch travelers in Thailand to advise them to avoid the city center

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