Remove the gap between citizen and Government

Whether it’s a VAT reminder, a police alert or general notification, there are countless government uses for our mobile platform. The Dutch Tax Authority, for example, can send SMS messages to remind people to fill out their tax returns; the police can ask for assistance in locating a missing person through a single SMS; an entire city can be reminded that Tuesday is recycling collection day.But this is two-way. The local population will also find value in these platforms, with local business owners being kept abreast of town developments, and avoiding fines either for parking or late returns. And there’s reduced paper wastage: Reminders means fewer letters being posted from administrative offices chasing payment.CM seamlessly integrates mobile applications with government institutions. In the Netherlands, the Dutch government has already implemented CM services including One Time Passwords via SMS allowing government officials to work securely from their homes. Whatever your requirement, CM has the solution.

Why other governments choose CM

Citizens Alert

Citizens Alert is a partnership between the Dutch police, local authorities and the general public. Should there be a missing person or another incident in the community, the Dutch police have the option to send a ‘Citizens Alert’ via SMS to ask the public to be aware. This has led to a drop in crime rates, as well as recovery of missing persons.

SMS Parking

SMS Parking has seen great interest from many European cities, where the benefits for stressed out, busy drivers having to fiddle with parking meters are clear for all to see. CM is at the forefront of this adoption, and will lead the charge for motorists everywhere.

SMS alerts abroad

During times of emergency, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses CM technology to send an SMS alert to its nationals abroad. One such example was during the Bangkok riots, where the Ministry sent an SMS warning those travelling to avoid the city centre.

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