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Putting patients first by reducing administrative tasks

More Convenience, Safety and Trust with Mhealth Solutions

With crowded waiting rooms, you would want to spend your time as efficiently as possible. With you realize both cost savings and efficiency in healthcare. You can find multiple effective mobile healthcare applications on one platform. This means convenience, safety and trust for both the patient and the health care provider. 

View and share patient data securely with one touch on a screen? Reduce the no show percentage in patient appointments? Innovative payment solutions for premium services? With you take health care service to a next level. 

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    High-Level Security supports authentication for electronic transactions or logins for digital portals. For this, in addition to the secure VPN or HTTPS connection, a GEO IP location API is available.

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    Fast and worldwide reach

    Direct worldwide communication is essential. is connected to more than 60 direct operators, so we have a delivery rate of 90% within 10 seconds.

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    24/7 support

    Our Network Operations Center is available 24/7/365 for support. You also have immediate insight into your traffic with our analytics tool.

No-show reduction

Avoiding no-shows is an effective way to reduce patient waiting times and unnecessary costs. With a simple SMS or Push message a few hours before the appointment, you can send your patients a reminder with the specified time, avoiding confusion or mistakes. This application has already proven its value in many healthcare institutions.

Other effective implementations of SMS and Push are reminding patients to pick up new medicines, making an appointment for a flu vaccination or reminding the patient about do's and don'ts during an appointment (for instance, to show up sober for an operation).

Security of patient data

As a healthcare professional you know better than anyone else how to handle patient data with care. To protect the privacy of patients as good as possible, you can additionally secure the application or login session with an extra password that you receive via SMS. This is also called "Two Factor Authentication" or "One Time Password" via SMS. After entering a user name and password, a unique verification code is sent via SMS to the user's mobile phone. This way you know for sure that unlawful persons cannot view patient data. 

one time password

Innovative payment solutions via mobile offers various ways to make payments more accessible. First of all, payments can be made via mobile via sending an SMS. This is interesting for paying small amounts, such as a television service or products from a vending machine in healthcare institutions. 

In addition, enables payments in installments without increasing the administrative burden. This provides relief for patients with a smaller budget. Another advantage is that when paying in earlier installments, it will improve the cash flow of your healthcare organization.  


Improving internal processes with (bulk) SMS

Internal communication is sometimes forgotten in organizations, but is essential for involvement and a higher level of job satisfaction among employees. Moreover, it avoids duplication.

With SMS you can reach large groups of employees quickly. You can quickly distribute important news, so that everyone involved is quickly informed. In addition, SMS can be deployed as a quick alarm at times of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the crisis manager receives a notification via an automatically generated SMS message, which enables him to act faster.  

Why others in Healthcare choose

Quli runs a personal digital health environment for patients and healthcare professionals. CM provides secure online access via two factor authentication which has the added benefit of cost savings by combining SMS and push messaging.


Meander Medisch Centrum uses’s mobile payment technology for their premium hospitality service - PayTV. Patients activate and pay for the television service via their mobile device.

Meander Medisch Centrum

The Medical Center Haaglanden reduces no-shows by remembering patients to their appointments with SMS. The results spoke for themselves: In 9 months, no-shows were down from 8% to 4%.

Haaglanden Medisch Centrum

Cost reducing and efficient processes are easily realized by implementing SMS. The Westfriesgasthuis in the Netherlands reminds patients to remain sober one day before their operation.


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