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Mobile solutions for customer satisfaction and interaction

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways to improve sales, expand brand awareness and optimise customer engagement. But at the same time, retailers are competing for the attention and trust of the consumer. So how can you ensure the customer choose for your brand and your products?

New mobile technologies are constantly changing the buying behaviour of customers and in this mobile first era it’s essential for retailers to have strong online presence. CM offers all mobile solutions in one platform to help retailers use all opportunities and possibilities of mobile.

From a safe payment platform to mobile marketing campaigns or online identification, CM’s solutions ensure a higher customer satisfaction, more customer engagement and more interaction. We are happy to show you what possibilities you have.

  1. Offer a captivating user experience
    Inform your customer on a delivery status, surprise them with a personal message and offer the best customer service on different platforms. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also increases customer loyalty.
  2. Get to know your customer
    Integrate a safe and customer friendly identification method such as IBAN authentication or IDIN and create a valid database that can be used for retargeting campaigns.
  3. Increase rentention
    Don't just focus on new customers, but on customer retention as well. Use mobile loyalty programs to improve customer engagement and retention and increase your sales.

How can retail benefit from our platform?

Local and worldwide payments

Make sure your customers complete their shopping journey by offering easy solutions to pay in their own currency with their preferred and know payment method. Use CM as Payment Service Provider for your online shop and offer all global payment solutions and make payments easier with local payment methods.

Provide your customer with a seamless and fast payment experience and offer their preferred payment methods (Paypal, Creditcard, iDEAL, Bancontact, …). Adding local and international payment methods will not only improve the customer experience but also your conversion rates.

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SMS solutions

Convince your customer with a discount code, inform him about upcoming events or send him a message when his order can be picked up, the possibilities of SMS are endless. Send out messages to your customers via SMS or Push in just seconds. Inform customers, send promotions or wish your loyal customer a happy birthday.

With an open rate of 98% there is no doubt that SMS will create a high ROI in either website visits, leads or sales. Use SMS for customer loyalty programs and notice a big growth on coupon redemptions and offers. Create an SMS Campaign when you have a big promotion and let customers know what they will save and how they can take advantage of it. SMS is a great way to build up a long-term relationship with your clients and increase your sales.

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Secure login services

Many retailers face the challenge of protecting employee and consumer identities. By verifying users with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) retailers can ensure customers online safety and control the access of third-parties to reduce the threat of a network breach.

Know your customer and prevent platform misuse and stolen credentials while providing an excellent user experience is recommended. CM offers a wide range of reliable access products via SMS, Push and Voice and provides authentication without impacting usability. Retailers have the opportunity to stay one step ahead of cybercrime and ensure all data is kept safe.

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Personal omni-channel messaging

SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more. How can you be on all platforms at the same time and still offer the best customer care possible? Many companies have noticed that personal messaging must be a fixed part of the customer contact strategy. With our Customer Contact tool, your support team can communicate with customers on all messaging apps via one easy and user-friendly dashboard.

Your customers can contact you through their favourite messenger app and regardless which platform they choose, you can communicate, target, analyse and offer the best customer contact. Set up quick replies and out-of-office notifications, transfer or assign customers to other departments and integrate customer profiles in your own CRM system.

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Customer profiling

With CM Data, retailers can build and store a clean database that can be used for marketing purposes. By verifying the numbers with Number Verifier, campaigns can run more effectively with lower undelivered rates.

Make sure the information your customer add to their profile is correct by having them login with a verified authentication method like iDIN or itsme, complied with the GDPR requirements. A clean database ensure your marketing campaigns have a better reach, bigger response, a high cost effectiveness and lower bounce or undelivered rates.

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Why retail organisations choose for CM


In line with the company vision of small packaging, IKEA brought its advertising for a kitchen campaign back to one simple text message. The campaign required consumers to text 'Kitchen' to a short code after which they received the latest IKEA deals.


Retail chain HEMA created a Vlog Academy in The Netherlands and hired eight professional YouTubers to teach children how to vlog. With the use of SMS they could reach and inform their participants about assignments, where they could win various prizes.


Ahold Delhaize uses CM’s Platform in The Netherlands and in Belgium to notify customers with SMS about delivery times and to secure its infrastructure for employees with One Time Passwords. SMS is also used as part of an emergency plan during failure of networks.

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