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Why do retailers choose CM?

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways to stimulate sales; improve brand awareness and optimise customer engagement. But at the same time, retailers are competing for the attention and trust of the consumer. How can you make the customer choose your products?

New mobile technologies are changing the buying behaviour of consumers. In this mobile first era, it is essential for retailers to be present online. CM helps retailers use the opportunities and possibilities of mobile for a higher customer satisfaction, more customer engagement and interaction. We are happy to show you what possibilities you have.

  1. Increase sales
    Inform your customer on discounts, personal offers or a delivery status. This will improve customer satisfaction as well as your sales figures.
  2. Broaden your reach
    Customers want companies to be easy to reach and involved. Reach customers worldwide and make interaction easy, wherever the customer is.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
    Don't just focus on new customers, but on customer retention as well. Use mobile loyalty programs to improve customer engagement and retention.


Increase sales

Convince your customer with a discount code, inform him about upcoming events or send him a message when his order can be picked up.

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SMS, App, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more. How can you be there for customers on all platforms and still offer the best customer care possible?

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Enrich the customer experience

Send messages to your customers via SMS or Push in just seconds. Send promotions, inform customers or wish your loyal customer a happy birthday.

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Customer experience

Increase interaction with your customer with rich content. Use this to increase brand engagement and the reach of your marketing campaigns.

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