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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite platform tools to help you tackle your business communication, and more.

Engage customers on their preferred channels

Knowing how to effectively engage your customers can be daunting to businesses with little or no experience with mobile communication. Luckily, the hardest part is done for you: your customers are already mobile-first consumers - they engage via their mobile phones throughout the day.

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Simplify communication

If you're trying to cover every channel available, it’s doubtful that you’ll have the time and resources to properly optimise all of them. Where are most of your support queries coming from? Is it Facebook or Email? Similarly, where is most of your traffic coming from? Is it organically or via social? What about open rates? If open rates are higher via SMS, bulk SMS is a cost effective and reliable way to send out reminders or promotional messages.

Find the channels which best suit your target audience and focus efforts there. Our Business Messaging API allows you to add multiple messaging channels via a single API. 

Multi-Channel Messaging
multi-channel messaging

Measure what matters

In a world where customers are bombarded across many channels, analysing data, and adding personalisation is more important than ever before. Ensuring your campaigns are personal will keep your messaging relevant.

Moreover, having access to detailed insights into your communication channels will allow you to optimise whilst avoiding wasteful marketing spend that you could use elsewhere on for example, Google Ads. With Messaging Analytics, you get real-time data into your messaging traffic.

Combining this with a CDP, your single-source of truth for customer data, will allow you to stay one step ahead of competitors.

More about analytics
messaging analytics

Customer Data Platform

A CDP is a marketer-based management system. It creates a persistent and unified customer database that is accessible to multiple systems. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and then combined to create a single customer profile.

By combining multiple sources into one platform and connecting to CM Data, you can use the data gathered from all sources to create the perfect flow for every target group.

Build segments that reflect a specific customer group and send them information they care about - every customer experience will be personal and relevant.

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Why choose our platform?

Our platform is stable and 100% reliable. Our solutions are built, optimised and monitored by 100+ skilled developers each day.

Add multiple address books or contacts and send up to 2,5 million messages in a single campaign. Save time with messaging templates, add custom fields with merge tags, and analyse your results with analytics.

Our support team is online 24/7 to help you along the way.

CM plaform

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Our platform provides a smart combination of messaging, voice, authentication, and data solutions, products are available via Web App, API or plugins. Start-ups and enterprise businesses rely on our platform for better marketing, sales and service each day.

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