Reliable Testing of Messaging Routes

Testing the quality of your SMS routes has never been this easy.

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Unique SMS Route Testing Tool that Uses Live Nodes

Detailed Analytics

Monitor and measure the results of your sent test messages with our in-depth analytics feature.

Clear Comparison

Compare Texter's DLR with your supplier's DLR. Texter shows you the exact content, Sender ID, SMSC and timestamp as received on the handset.

API or Dashboard

Connect your software via the Texter API or use our intuitive dashboard to send your tests. 

> 200
  • Testing global SMS delivery and SMS routes in more than 200 countries

> 790
  • Texter has more than 790 Mobile Networks covered

> 100.000
Live Nodes
  • Texter tests the reliability of messaging routes with live nodes


No More White Listing, Test on Live Nodes

How can you ever really guarantee the quality of messaging routes when you’re dealing with fake DLR’s, grey routes and “whitelisted” test nodes? Our SMS route testing tool Texter will resolve these issues for you. Texter works with a live community of more than 100.000 users worldwide. Using the support from our community we enable aggregators and operators to perform tests on real devices from people all over the world.

  1. Minimize white listing, grey routes and VIP routing

  2. Connect to the API and integrate our tool in your own software

  3. Use the online dashboard for non-techies to easily test routes

Our Testing Suite

✓ Alternative routes

✓ Acceptance testing

✓ Grey route testing

✓ Operational testing

✓ Conversion data

✓ Fake DLR & Latency testing

✓ Characters, Unicode, Sender

✓ Concatenated



How Does Texter Work?

If you want to test the quality of the delivery of SMS to a specific destination and operator, we provide you an active number together with an ID code.

You send the test to the number including the code and Texter provides you the results, containing all the information that was gathered from the device.

You can check the quality of your routes by simply comparing the Delivery Report (DLR) from your supplier/operator with the DLR from Texter.

Discover the Benefits of Texter

Minimize White Listing

In our community of live nodes, people join and leave, which makes white listing nearly impossible. The use of our ID code is also hard to grasp for current algorithms.

Easy Implementation

The Texter API is software you can easily implement into you current system. It gives you the opportunity to test your routes from within your own software environment.

Global Coverage

The community is nicely spread all over the world, covering most important countries and providers. Every day, new users worldwide join our community.


No need to adjust your system to fit ours. Send test messages yourself and receive the DLR without our interference. Use the DLR and Texter reports to analyse and compare.

In-house Development

All software we use to test your messages is build by our own developers. So if you have any requests contact us so we can optimise our system to fits your needs.

24/7 Support

Texter has customers worldwide. Therefore our Team is online 24/7/365. We monitor our network and all the services used by our customers.

Check Our Pricing and Worldwide Coverage

Since Texter is a SMS Testing tool using real nodes the coverage is changed from time to time. Check our Pricing page for details about the countries we have available, the MNO`s per country and test numbers per country.

We have postpaid model available based on volume of tested messages.

Request a DemoCheck Pricing

Texter Testing Flow

  1. Send test messages via your own system
  2. Compare the report to the DLR status 
  3. Implement into your own system 
texter community

Meet the Texter Community

Last year our community grew over 45,000+ users. Our community support our testing by acting as live test nodes. Our main goal is to have coverage in every country and for every mobile network in the world. We currently operate with a minimum of 5 and in some countries over 2000 live nodes, which makes the coverage dense and flexible. This way we minimize “whitelisting” and offer the best quality testing to protect your business and clients.

One of our strong points is also our exclusive partnership with Unicef where we offer the chance for our community to donate their earnings for a better cause.

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Easily Implemented and Non-Invasive to Your Server Park

We want to make testing as easy as possible. That’s why we choose to let you send the test message yourself. This non-invasive integration means that you can start testing quickly and we don’t need to know which routes you are testing. We understand that this information is critical to your company. You don’t need to implement anything on our system, just implement the API on yours.

You also get access to our intuitive online dashboard to send your tests if you don’t have the ability to use our API. Our web interface makes it easy to send tests and analyze results.


Supported by UNICEF

We are proud to be partners for this project with UNICEF. By using Texter, part of the money you invest into improving the quality of your services is donated to UNICEF.