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Manage SIP Trunk Accounts with More Margin: Voice Management App

With the new Voice Management App from CM, ICT resellers can now easily create and manage SIP Trunk accounts of customers. Moreover, margins with CM's SIP Trunk can be greatly increased, because at CM you only pay for the actually called seconds.

Manage SIP Trunk accounts from a single overview

Via the Voice Management App you can now easily manage your SIP Trunk accounts. In this app you create new SIP accounts for your customers and you can also configure and manage these accounts in a few clicks and without the intervention of support. Create a username and password for your customer in an instant and set the number of simultaneous telephone calls and call attempts (CPS). Then enter the IP address and your customer can immediately use our system. Are there specific wishes to make an anonymous call? You can also easily set this up via the app.

voice management app

From the interface you also have easy access to the Call Detail Reports (CDR) of your customers. Do you want insight from a specific time frame? Then you can download an Excel or CSV via the user-friendly interface. Moreover, with the CDR API you can export reports automatically to your billing system.

Increase your margins

The best of all is that does not charge extra costs for this. If you choose SIP Trunk from, you only pay for what you use. also doesn’t charge a starting tariff or subscription costs. Moreover, we have good connections and we can buy in large volumes, so we offer very competitive sales prices. Due to the lower purchase price of, you quickly increase your margins considerably with a simple switch to

Why choose SIP from

• Pay per second, without a starting tariff or subscription costs

• Easily create and manage SIP Trunks

• Unlimited capacity, adjustable per SIP Trunk

• Easy to combine with your current supplier

• Only the necessary functionalities, so save on costs

Do you want to manage SIP Trunk accounts easy and cost-effective? Don’t leave your profit and apply now for a free proposal.

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