Ticket Guarantee

As an extra service, we offer the possibility to purchase a Ticket Guarantee with us. This service gives you the possibility to cancel your purchased tickets. You will buy a Ticket Guarantee for all tickets in your order for 8.23% of the total value.

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Cancellation options include the following:


If the ticket cancellation is due to death, a serious accident, or a severe illness of yourself, a family member in the first or second degree, or a roommate. 


If a family member in the first or second degree dies or falls into a life-threatening situation. 


If your own home is damaged to such an extent that your presence is necessary, it prevents you from attending the event.

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Claiming the Ticket Guarantee can be done by filling out our claim form and attaching a piece of evidence (e.g., a doctor's certificate). You can request your claim form via [email protected]. After submitting these files, you will be asked to cancel your tickets purchased from CM.com if your claim is acknowledged. Once this has been done, CM.com will proceed with compensation.


Questions about Ticket Guarantee? Mail to our help desk: [email protected]. This help desk is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, except on holidays.

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