Ticketing for Museums, Zoos and Parks.

With 8 years of experience in the industry and a dedicated and specialized team, our product is 100% tailored for your venue.

Ticketing Parks, Zoos & Museums

Tailored Ticketing and Marketing Automation

Selling tickets is just the start. Communicate directly and personally with your visitors using our marketing solutions. We are happy to take the time to give you a personal demo.

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Dedicated To Your Success

With years of experience, our dedicated team exactly know what you need in order to be successful in your business. They're always ready to help you with challenges or give you personal advice.

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A Ticket in 30 seconds

Our ticketing solution is optimized for your visitors, creating a user-friendly ticketing experience. Let visitors book a ticket anywhere and on any type of device.

  1. Buy a ticket in 30 seconds

  2. Receive instantly scannable ticket

  3. Enjoy your visit!

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The Main Features of Our Ticketing Solution


Self-service CMS

Groups & Education

Bookings for groups

POS API-connections

All major suppliers

Vouchers & Giftcards

Unique batches

Google Things To Do

Ticket integration

Channel Manager

Global Reseller

ticketing profiles data

Own Your Visitors Data

Become aware of the value of data for marketing and turn anonymous users into personalized profiles.  

More About Customer Data Platform

  1. Collect Data in one centralized and secure Data Platform

  2. Build 360° profiles based on behavior and preference

  3. Segment your data to send targeted & personalized messages

Communicate With Your Visitors

Utilize integrated channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to create unique visitor experiences that increase conversion rates and sales.

More About Mobile Marketing Cloud

  1. Reach your visitors on their favorite mobile channels

  2. Easily send out notifications, updates & follow-ups

  3. Engage before, during, and after the visit

But There’s Much More...

Your Own Branding and Identity

Your Own Branding and Identity

Your ticket shop will be completely styled in your own visual identity for a seamless ticketing experience on your website. Editing the content of your ticket shop is easily done in the CMS.

Insightful Data & Analytics

Insightful Data & Analytics

Get real-time and detailed reports on sales, revenue, live availability, and more. Filter by sales channel, ticket type, date, and time to get more specific insights into your data.


Time Slots

Time slots offer an efficient and customer-friendly way to manage visitor flows. Set up time slots yourself using our CMS or ask our team for help. Not only can we set it up for you, but we will also advise you on best practices.

Big or Small, We’ve Got a Plan for Everyone

€ 0,45*


Per Sold Ticket
  • Branded ticket page

  • Event page(s)

  • Online Payments

  • CMS + Statistics

  • 8/7 WhatsApp Support

  • * Excluding payment transaction fees

€ 0,50*


Per Sold Ticket
  • All ‘Basic’ options

  • + Groups/Education bookings

  • + Bookings in Google Maps (+ € 0,50)

  • + 8/7 WhatsApp Support

  • + Mail support

  • * Excluding payment transaction fees



On quotation
  • All ‘Complete’ options

  • 360 degrees customer profiles

  • Marketing Automation software

  • Customer Service software

  • 3rd party API integrations

More Than Just a Ticket Service

We understand that you need more than just a ticket shop. Purchasing a ticket is only one of many touchpoints that contributes to the experience of your visitor. Are you also constantly thinking about innovative ways to improve your visitor experience? Then we like to think along with you.

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