Always score during your sporting event.

Make any event a success with solutions that go beyond just selling tickets

Ticketing Sport

A full fan experience during your sporting event

A football match, a tennis tournament or another sporting event? Selling tickets has never been easier with our ticketing solutions. Whether you want to sell single (one-off) tickets or season tickets.

In addition, we offer more than just ticketing. Offer your sports fans a fully personalized customer experience by combining ticketing with data and marketing tools.

  1. Tickets sales with special features

  2. Insight into the wishes of your fans

  3. Personal communication and marketing


Specialized features

Easily sell your tickets and choose from the options that best suit your sporting event.

Seated Ticketing

Manage visitor flows during your sporting event? Use seated ticketing and assign everyone their own seat. This way you can guarantee optimal coverage and let your sports fans choose in which area they want to sit. If it is not sold out yet of course;).

You can easily get started with seated ticketing yourself by registering on the platform and opening the 'seated ticketing' app.

Seated Ticketing

Secondary Ticketing

Full stadiums give sports clubs a greater chance of maximizing sales results. For example through the sale of food and drinks.

Sometimes season ticket holders cannot attend a match. And that is a waste of the empty chair. Secondary ticketing makes it possible to resell stadium seats per match.

Let fans easily sell their tickets to others and increase your income.

Secondary ticketing

Integrated Marketing for Optimal Customer Experience

Use your data for personalized marketing

Everything for a personal experience

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers you the opportunity to personalize all communication with your visitors.

Reach your visitors on their mobile

Reach your visitors the best? This is possible via e-mail, SMS and chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Go for the favorite channel of your target group: offers them all.

Send Voice Campaigns

With Voice Campaigns you automatically call your visitors and play a pre-recorded sound clip.

Boost Your Catering with Mobile Order

Avoid long queues for selling drinks and food. With Mobile Order your visitors can order and pay on their own mobile devices.

How? By having them scan a QR code with their mobile, this will direct them to the Mobile Order interface. Here they simply select what they want and pay directly.

Have their order delivered to them or make sure they can pick it up your designated pick up point.

Mobile Order

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