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Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

Until recently, digital marketing was perceived as a distinct concept from marketing as a whole. These days however, most marketing activities will have a digital element to it. The same applies to mobile marketing. We often may see it as a separate discipline from other forms of marketing, but actually, effective modern marketers always include a mobile element in order to succeed. 

So why is mobile marketing important? Over 72% of time spent online is on a smartphone and consumers in South East Asia are spending over 4 hours per day on their phones. This gives marketers endless opportunities to put their products and services in front of attentive potential customers.

What’s clear is this: a mobile audience is an engaged audience and failing to consider a robust mobile strategy in any marketing campaign is a big mistake.

Here are just a few of the reasons mobile marketing is crucial, and so useful for marketers:

Accurate location data

Mobile devices present a huge opportunity for personalization, both in terms of individual consumers (more on that later), and in terms of geographical location. GPS and mobile signals can accurately pinpoint users, delivering location-based marketing messages quickly and efficiently. 

A broad, targetable audience

Given that 40% of adults look at their phone within five minutes of waking up (and that’s not taking into account checking the clock or turning off their alarm), and you have an audience that’s eager to consume almost from the minute they wake up until the second they go to sleep. 


The data-gathering potential of mobile devices means that hyper-targeted, hyper-personalized messaging is possible. Delivering personalized emails or SMS messages at the exact time of day they’re likely to be opened and engaged with, is a huge step forward from the mass mailout, ‘hit-and-hope’ strategies that some still employ today.

Instantly shareable

With access to messaging and social media apps, mobile phones offer their users the ability to instantly share to a huge array of platforms, increasing the viral potential of your messaging manifold. 

Greater opportunities

Mobile marketing is a vast subject area, with numerous platforms to experiment with in order to reach your audience. Get it right and you can get ahead of your competitors and leverage on innovative messaging solutions to reach new consumers in ways your competitors may not have yet discovered.

Mobile marketing is arguably the fastest-growing marketing opportunity of all. Creating an effective strategy is crucial, but first-mover advantage is also key. Ensuring you’re the first in your market to offer a compelling mobile proposition, or to explore a new commercial avenue or technology, will pay dividends both now and in the future. 

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