Terms and Conditions wants to ensure that all customers are fully informed about the terms and conditions governing the services offered by Below, you will find detailed information on the various terms applicable to the services. For your convenience, these can be accessed through the menu on the left side of this page.

Connect & Engage - CPaaS & SaaS Services

Read the comprehensive terms and conditions, including our Data Processing Agreement (DPA), Service Level Agreement (SLA), and service-specific terms, and country-specific conditions. Please note that the most recent version of terms for CPaaS & SaaS services is dated February 1, 2023. If your contract predates this, you can find the applicable terms at the bottom of the menu in the Archive section.

Live - Ticketing Services

Discover the terms and conditions governing our ticketing platforms under the Ticketing section. The current applicable terms for Ticketing are available in this section. The previous versions of the CM Tickets, Global Ticket and Your Ticket Provider Terms can be found at the bottom of the menu in the Archive section.

Pay - CM Payments Services

Navigate to the CM Payments section to access the Merchant Terms of CM Payments applicable to our payment and Point of Sale services. These terms apply to all Merchants. Partner Terms & Conditions

If you are part of our partner program, please review the Partner Terms & Conditions. Section A outlines the general terms, with additional specifics in Parts B or C depending on your chosen partner model.