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Nov 24, 2020
3 minutes read

3 Creative uses of the WhatsApp Business solution: engagement & interaction

There’s no denying the popularity of WhatsApp as a communication channel for consumers. But just how can you put WhatsApp to use to engage with them? Check out these creative campaigns that Hellmann’s, X-Travel and Absolut launched. This will surely help tap into your creativity for an engaging campaign with your own WhatsApp Business account.

Hellmann’s Whatscook

Mayonnaise is more than just condiment. That’s what Hellman’s in Brazil wanted consumers to know. They started a creative WhatsApp campaign including real chefs and pictures of consumer’s fridges. In just 2 weeks, 8.000 people participated in the campaign for ‘Whatscook: The first live recipe service using WhatsApp’. The campaign eventually reached millions. How did it work?

“Don’t know what to cook? With Hellmann’s, there is a way!” After sharing your number on the specific campaign page on the Hellmann’s website, one of their chef’s would reach out to you. Consumers were asked to take a photo of the inside of their fridge. Based on the ingredients available, the true chefs came up with a recipe using Hellmann’s mayo and other ingredients from the fridge. And no worries about the recipe being too difficult. The chefs would take the consumer through the recipe step by step using pictures, video and even illustrative drawings. As a result, participants - on average - spent over an hour interacting with the brand.

Absolut’s Bouncer Sven

As a campaign for the Absolut Unique Limited Edition, Absolut launched a creative and fun WhatsApp campaign in Argentina. A highly Absolut exclusive party was announced. Absolut needed to build awareness and achieve close communication with people, drawing them to the shindig. Being the most popular messaging channel, WhatsApp was the way to go.

To get in to the party, people would have to convince the imaginary bouncer called Sven to grant them access. By sending WhatsApp messages to Sven, people would try to convince him to get them free entry tickets. But, Sven wasn’t easily persuaded. So, people got creative. And this creativity not only caused a big buzz around the campaign, event and the brand. This campaign led to 3 days of uninterrupted chats with consumers, and over 1.000 types of user generated content like images, videos and audio files created to engage with Absolut’s Sven.

X-Travel Group Challenge

“Create brand activation with a high level of fun.” This was the challenge of the Dutch youth travel agency X-Travel. With WhatsApp being the most popular channel to interact with friends and families, X-travel decided to become part of that friend-to-friend interaction within the channel. X-Travel created the Group Challenge, a 4-weakly competition where 100 teams of 4 friends would compete for a free summer holiday

In order to win a free holiday, groups of friends received challenges to tackle together. For example by taking a cold dive or taking a photo in bathing suit in the cold outside. Share proof of challenge completion in the messaging channel, and you have the chance of winning a free vacation together with your besties. Travel agents from X-Travel would send out and coach the challenges.

Do you have a creative idea on how to grow brand engagement on the most popular messaging channel out there? Request your valid WhatsApp Business account at to find out what else is possible.

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