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5 ways to improve your SMS campaigns

In spite of technological developments in mobile communications over the years, SMS remains a key player in communication. This might be because of the higher delivery rates of SMS compared to alternatives like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Push messaging. But the user friendliness of SMS and the limited data your target audience needs to disclose for you to reach them, further add to the benefits of SMS. A couple of new developments make SMS campaigns even more valuable now.

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How to convince consumers in a maximum of 160 characters?

With SMS Marketing generating up to 98% open rates starting at R0.17 per SMS, most marketers find it to be an effective mix to their digital campaigns such as Google Search ads to convince the receivers of an idea and have them take a certain action. For example, to buy a new dryer, sign up for an event or donate money to their charity. But how do you write a persuasive message that leads to the desired action when you are limited to 160 characters?

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