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The Benefits of SMS Marketing

When it comes to getting your marketing message across, open rates are key. If people don't open your communications, they're not going to be moved by your message. So which channel delivers the best open rates? Facebook Messenger? Email? In-app push messaging? The answer is not what you'd expect.

As a marketer, you get to choose between countless traditional and new media to target your audience with. Email, Facebook Messenger, telephone calls, in-app push messaging, letters, and so on. But which channel, or mix of channels, would best serve your goal of conversion?

Believe it or not, but the greatest open rates are not reached with the latest messaging innovations. Despite all technological possibilities, good old SMS remains the channel with the highest open rates. SMS has a staggering open rate of 98%, where most messages are even read within the first 5 minutes.

It starts with Mobile

To better understand the value of SMS in creating exposure for your brand, we need to dive into the channel of mobile-first. Consumers in Asia have never been as attached to their phone. Just consider, do you check your phone within the first hour of you waking up? And do you check it before you go to sleep? Essentially, mobile plays a vital part in the lives of consumers and we take that little device with us wherever, whenever.

That helps explain why mobile is such a valuable channel to get your message seen by your target audience. However, due to the value of mobile, many marketers are targeting this device in their fight for the customer’s attention. As a result, not all mobile channels are equally effective if you want to be noticed.

For example, how many emails do you get in your mailbox each day? Though email has its benefits, it may be hard to stand out from the crowd. Or let's consider Push Messaging. This is another valuable tool that you can use to share your message with a selected audience. But this is dependent on if you customer has your app installed and if they have a stable mobile connection. If the connection is bad or unavailable, your message will be delayed or even disappear.

SMS, however, isn’t internet-reliant, which is why it’s such an effective solution for large-scale, widely distributed communications, reaching anyone with a mobile phone, regardless of internet connectivity.

You can use our tools to create a personalized SMS marketing campaign and deliver it instantly to your customer’s phone. Reaching your audience has never been so easy.

Features of SMS

SMS has been around for years but it's far from outdated. SMS has continued to evolve over the years, adding more features that you may not be aware of:

  • Personalization via merge tags

  • Target groups and individuals

  • Schedule for the perfect timing

  • Add mobile landing pages

  • Cost-effective and reliable

  • Rich analytics for conversion optimization

  • Available via API, WebApp or via your mail client

  • Easy to combine with other marketing channels via one platform

Discover the power of SMS – It’s free!

Interested to find out more about SMS and how you can reach your customers more effectively? You can check out our page on SMS or request a demo of the Mobile Marketing Cloud to see how mobile marketing can help you reach your goals.

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