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Oct 04, 2021
5 minutes read

Why Do You Need A WhatsApp Bot?

WhatsApp has around 2 billion active users in more than 180 countries, and as a result, is an ideal communication app for business use. Leveraging on a WhatsApp chatbot – or bot – in particular, would be extremely valuable for any business, if implemented correctly.

Why is WhatsApp the Preferred Choice?

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful communication platforms globally, with the number of active users continuing to rise during the pandemic. Beyond just number of users, here's 7 reasons why we believe WhatsApp is the preferred channel for most businesses.

WhatsApp is Accessible

It is platform agnostic which means WhatsApp can be installed on almost every device, whether Apple, Android or Windows. 

WhatsApp Features

The platform is constantly introducing new features to the app, allowing users to share contacts, content, location pins and status broadcasting. 

Unlimited messaging

WhatsApp offers users unlimited real-time messaging which means engaging in conversation with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. 


It’s free to download and all forms of communication are a lot more cost-effective than alternatives. International calls – once extremely expensive – are now much cheaper with WhatsApp. Considering the global nature of modern living, this makes WhatsApp very much in demand. 

Group Messaging

WhatsApp's group messaging option allows communities and businesses to stay up to date on all activities. Sending a group message saves time and effort while reaching a broader audience quickly.

It’s Advert-Free

One of the best-selling features of WhatsApp is that, from the start, it has been an advertisement-free platform. This means uninterrupted use when communicating, making it a much more user-friendly option. 

Business Benefits

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that businesses had to quickly adhere to new social distancing measures and transform their business to suit online interactions. The benefits of WhatsApp in a social setting can also be replicated across to businesses, making it convenient to reach the target audience simply and effectively. 

What is a WhatsApp Bot?

Also known as a WhatsApp chatbot, a bot is a program or software that is used on the WhatsApp platform for conversational marketing and client solutions. The chatbot can be powered by a defined set of rules, designed to engage in conversation with humans over chat. It provides businesses with a number of e-commerce opportunities that are now becoming mainstream. 

Use Cases for WhatsApp Bots

If your business isn’t already using WhatsApp chatbots for customer engagement, here are a few ways it could take your business further.  

1. Lead generation

The simplicity of starting a conversation with a WhatsApp chatbot makes lead generation much easier. Businesses will typically share a telephone number or a click-to-chat feature via online ads which then open a new chat window instantly. Once the conversation begins, the business will also receive the customer’s name and phone number, allowing for personalized communication that sees strangers convert to customers. 

With a WhatsApp Business API, businesses can create a verified profile which potential new customers can search for. Subsequently, this messaging platform also allows you to nurture the leads by personalizing communication.

2. Instant Customer Service

In today's world, customers expect instant responses to queries. If responses aren't fast enough, businesses run the risk of customers moving on to the next business that does respond promptly. The WhatsApp bot is a one-stop customer solution designed to handle all types of customer requirements, from commonly asked questions to complaints. The bot is even able to facilitate new orders, process refunds and assist in post-sale and post-service follow-ups. 

The reality for many businesses is that customer service is an important, but ultimately time-consuming function. With automated responses, businesses are able to save time and focus their team on business-enhancing activities. And, when the chatbot cannot assist, it can then re-direct the query to a customer support center. Essentially, a WhatsApp bot can act as your virtual customer care agent, day and night!

3. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs are a great way to secure customers and invite repeat purchases. However, running loyalty programs can be a challenge as customers need to be updated on their points earned, special offers, redemption methods, etc. Emails are often overlooked. 

With a WhatsApp chatbot, the loyalty program is completely automated with point balances, and reward reminders can be sent off to users as a way to encourage redemption. 

4. Alerts and Notifications

Short, sharp notifications to customers is important in modern business, but as mentioned previously, emails can be missed out and so time-sensitive messages might be missed. A WhatsApp chatbot is the perfect way to send instant alerts to customers, such as appointment reminders, discounted offerings or event notifications. 

These bots are also great for sending out automated invites requiring quick RSVPs. The sudden rise in webinars, as well, has prompted the need for such instant alerts and notifications to a large audience. The chatbot can even be trained to answer questions related to the event such as location and itinerary. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has also shown the value of such instant alerts with government and hospitals able to send out vaccination registration confirmations, and scheduling via the WhatsApp bot. Other time-sensitive notifications such as test results can also be sent via the bot platform. 

What Are Some Benefits of WhatsApp Bots?

  • Easy sharing of multimedia: WhatsApp chatbots let customers upload photos of products, videos, invoices or other business-related content. There’s also the option of sharing locations for quick delivery. 
  • Automation: WhatsApp chatbots are able to operate with minimal human touch which also lowers the risk of error. 
  • Security: WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption features making it secure when sending confidential information, such as bank details. 
  • 100% deliverability: WhatsApp chatbots get the message through every time.
  • Tailored conversations: WhatsApp chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuously provide enhanced experiences. This means they keep learning about customers and can actually offer personalized recommendations based on customer history and patterns. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): These capabilities enable the WhatsApp chatbot to provide a more seamless interaction, rather than a stilted, mechanical communication. 

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the WhatsApp Business Solution.Contact for WhatsApp bot specialists who can tailor a solution to your requirements.

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