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SIP Trunk Voice app
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Save costs on your SIP Trunk connection in 1 easy step

Do you want to pay for something you don’t use? We don't think so. The SIP Trunk of CM does exactly what it is meant to do: flawless communication via VOIP, managed and configured from one user-friendly app. This way, you can save money by only using what you actually need. Both in terms of functionality and usage.

Choose an SMS Gateway API
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How to choose the right SMS gateway API? Direct operator connections

When choosing an SMS Gateway API, direct operator connections are important to consider. For the highest delivery speed and ratio, direct connections to your customers’ operators are crucial. When sending time-critical messages, for example One Time Passwords, you should be able to rely on timely and correct delivery. After all, you want to make sure your audience receives your message loud and clear. 

In this update, we want to inform you on the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.
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Platform updates: April 2018

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the CM platform. In this update, we want to inform you on the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

SMS gateway API 24/7 NOC support
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What does 24/7 monitoring of the SMS Gateway API mean at CM?

When you use an SMS Gateway, you'll want to rely on it that this gateway delivers all messages in time. Also, data protection plays a key role in whether or not you can trust a provider with your business critical or privacy sensitive messages. When sending SMS notifications over our SMS gateway, you can completely rely on 24/7 monitoring and security to handle this with the upmost care. But what exactly does this mean for you?

CM in 2017
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CM in 2017: about growth, payments, design, culture and innovation

During the Mobile World Congress, more than 110,000 people will come together in Barcelona. CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) companies such as will receive extra attention, thanks in part to the development of RCS that has made a substantial contribution to in partnership with Google.

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