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Consumer Insights Report 2022

Understanding the Gap

Between what SA consumers want, vs what businesses are delivering online.

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Are going online for banking (87%), general shopping (62%), groceries (48%), and booking accommodation (43%).


Indicated that they prefer Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp as shopping channels, with 24% preferring websites.


Indicated that they have to repeat themselves multiple times when they are passed through to different agents.


Indicated that their biggest frustration when trying to resolve a problem online was getting a delayed response.

Customer care channels

About the report

In this consumer research report, you'll find valuable insights into how South Africans are embracing digital channels to perform a wide range of activities.

The report covers the financial, retail and eCommerce, healthcare, travel and leisure, and eServices sectors, investigating how consumers are responding to businesses’ online efforts.

The findings show that though some sectors have been enjoying more success than others, poor customer experience may be preventing growth.

The era of the empowered digital consumer is now in full swing, how can your business meet their needs better than your competitors?

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