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WhatsApp chatbot for an elevated customer experience

Over 65% of online shoppers prefer WhatsApp for service, and for more than 61% of customers, WhatsApp is the go-to channel for business communication.

If you're considering WhatsApp for your business, you're in sync with your customers' preference but you might be wondering:

  • How can I scale up while keeping top-notch service?

  • Scripted or AI chatbots—which route is best?

We can help you answer these questions. But let's start with the basics: What's a WhatsApp chatbot exactly?

A WhatsApp chatbot is automated software that uses pre-set rules or AI to engage with users on WhatsApp. At, we offer both options.


Automate and personalise sales and marketing with a chatbot

Whether scripted or AI-driven, capitalise on WhatsApp's user-friendly and popular platform to effortlessly acquire more customers. AI chatbots deliver personalised interactions, learned from real-time agent conversations, paving the way for increased customer acquisition.

Support customer service agents with a chatbot

WhatsApp chatbots empower your agents to tackle complex matters by managing routine inquiries. But ensuring a seamless, context-driven bot-to-agent transition is crucial for optimal support. Explore our latest features designed to enhance your conversational experience.


Build a chatbot without a line of code

Our AI and Scripted chatbot software empowers you to create engaging conversations that seamlessly handle common inquiries, support requests, and sales interactions on WhatsApp. Say goodbye to dependencies on developers or external partners for top-tier automated customer service. Our platform simplifies chatbot creation and management, facilitating smooth, context-driven transitions to customer support software when agent assistance is required.

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    Enjoy an intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot builder

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    Utilise an easy-to-navigate CMS for designing conversations

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    Enhance engagement with rich media

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Competitive strategy leadership award

Frost & Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan has been awarded the Competitive Strategy Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan for our exceptional performance in the Conversational AI domain. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to innovation and groundbreaking product design.

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Why as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

  1. Fast implementation and migration
  2. Easily integrated via API or software
  3. High-level customer support
  4. POPIA-compliant and secure

Questions About WhatsApp Chatbots? We Have Answers!

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

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A WhatsApp chatbot is software that responds to messages on WhatsApp using written language. It can be rule-based or NLP-based, offering structured or human-like conversations. These WhatsApp bots work 24/7, handling multiple conversations at once, providing instant info about services.

Operating around the clock, WhatsApp bots can handle multiple conversations concurrently. They serve to provide instant responses, offering information about a company's offerings or services.

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What’s the difference between scripted and AI chatbots?

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A scripted chatbot follows a script. If a human asks a question, the bot tracks the script of predefined answers to give the correct answer. An AI chatbot uses Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide the best possible solution. AI chatbots are more intelligent and can handle more complex conversations.

How to integrate WhatsApp chatbots?

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You can build a chatbot inside WhatsApp through Our chatbots are compatible with the infrastructure and systems that your business currently uses and can be easily integrated with little or no code. In addition, you can integrate your data to make it even smarter and more effective with the passing of time. With standardised integrations ready to go, any configuration is possible. It’s truly a plug-and-play set-up.

Pre-requisites for deploying chatbots on WhatsApp?

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Before deploying a chatbot on WhatsApp, there are a few pre-requisites to follow:

• To initiate the process, you must apply and secure approval for WhatsApp Business Platform (API) integration. This step is essential for bringing your chatbot to life on the platform.

• Ensure that your business is verified on Facebook, as WhatsApp API access requires a verified Facebook business.

• Register a WhatsApp Business account and number.

• WhatsApp will activate your number after verifying it with an OTP.

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