Customer Data Platform.

Accelerate and automate your customer journey with personalised and relevant communication using our Customer Data Platform.

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With Data, You Can Really Get To Know Your Customers

With CM Data, data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile in return for a more personalised customer journey. Everything that is personal can be added to a customer profile. Think CRM, purchase orders, email responses, social media chats and more.

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Create a Single View of Customers

People are bombarded with information every day. As a coping mechanism, we’ve learnt to filter out irrelevant data. As a marketer, how can you increase the chances of your message passing through this filter?

Consumers are expecting relevant and personal messages. You can only offer such an experience if you are really getting to know your customers. But how, when customer information is scattered over multiple data sources?

With the Customer Data Platform, you can connect multiple data sources into one unified customer profile giving you real time insights into your customers behaviour - a single source of truth.

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Build Segments

Segmentation has incredible potential to empower your brand to send more personalised messages. Once data is collected and unified, CM Data allows you to filter customer profiles into very specific segments. When your data changes, the segments are updated automatically.

  1. Filter on profile properties and past behaviour.

  2. Sync segments and send via messaging channels.

  3. Filter segments by permissions to ensure GDPR compliancy.

customer data platform

How to Use Segments

Create workflows

Create workflows with triggers and goals and add multiple steps for each segment.


Trigger these workflows to send personal communication relevant to each customer.

Automate communication

Add email, SMS, social media, chatbots, webforms and even more, all in the same workflow.

Analyse data

Create a dashboard for segments. Add charts, graphs and tables to monitor performance.

Automate with Personal Workflows

Once workflows are created, the incredible benefits that marketing automation has to offer, like time saving and personalisation can start.

The workflows within CM Data allows you to send automated marketing campaigns whilst you focus on whats important.

Both sales and marketing emails can be sent automatically. Workflows can be triggered as soon as certain events are met like downloading a guide, opening an email, buying a ticket and so much more.

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Real time segmentation

Start Omnichannel Conversations

People desire constant connectivity through their mobile phones. Why limit your business’ communication to email, SMS or Voice?

With the Customer Data Platform, you can create a single view of each customer, coordinate all your conversations, and engage on one platform. Think of Email, SMS, Voice, and Messaging Channels such as WhatsApp and Viber. With our multichannel solution, you can create the perfect flow for every single customer, via the channel they prefer most.

Messaging Channels
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Ready to Try Our Platform?

Our platform provides a smart combination of messaging, voice, authentication, digital signatures, ticketing, and customer data solutions. Start-ups and enterprise businesses rely on our platform for better marketing, sales and service every day.

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