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Fully control your SIP Trunk with our Voice Management app. Define thresholds, configure numbers, monitor traffic and more.

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Power Your Global VoIP Infrastructure with our SIP Solution

SIP trunking is a future-forward business solution. It enables business agility, scalability and can bring about immediate cost savings. CM is one of the most reputable SIP trunk providers in South Africa.

Start calling via CM and reduce your business call costs by up to 50%.

SIP Trunking service

How Does SIP Trunking Work?

Every VoIP-ready telephony system can be connected directly to our network. Port your existing numbers or request new phone numbers from CM. This way you host all telephony under one roof.

With our interface, you can quickly and easily set up your SIP Trunks. Determine the capacity and the properties per account, and you're ready to start making calls. No physical wiring or physical carrier termination needed. 

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Voice Analytics with SIP Trunking

Analyse with Voice Analytics

Enjoy free access to an extensive voice analytics dashboard and optimise your communications at scale.

Access live and historical statistics of your voice traffic, including number of calls, capacity limits, traffic volume and call duration.

Need to share your data? Easily export with the click of a button.

Discover How You Benefit from Using SIP Trunking with CM

Unlimited Capacity

Our network can be used without limits. With our interface, you can easily set the capacity of your SIP Trunks yourself.

SIP Trunk Quick Setup

Connect your existing IP PBX or Softswitch to our Voice network via SIP trunking in minutes.

Pay For What You Use

Only pay per second and choose to pay via pre-paid or post-paid. Start testing 30 days free, no setup fee or commitments required.

24/7/365 SIP Support

Count on support from our Network Operations Centre to help you configure your SIP Trunking service and monitor your traffic.

How Can Our SIP Trunk Help Your Business?

Call Centres

Whether you're calling for telemarketing, market research or general customer service, enjoy flexible, scalable and user-friendly tools. Watch casual shoppers turn into brand loyal customers.


Make it easy for customers to call your call centre from anywhere in the world, on one platform. Route calls from your app or phone numbers to any call centre in your company.


Connect your telephony system with our powerful SIP Trunk and send all your inbound and outbound traffic via CM. Save up to 35% on the fixed and variable costs.

SIP Trunk Pricing - Based on Calls Originating from SA

Priced per minute, billed per second

* Full price list in the Voice Management app

Operator Price (excl VAT)
Operator Price (excl VAT)

South Africa fixed


South Africa Telkom Mobile


South Africa MTN Mobile


South Africa Vodacom Mobile


South Africa Cell C Mobile


* Full price list in the Voice Management app

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How to Get Started with SIP Trunking?

  1. We'll send you a tailor-made offer

  2. Configure your system & IP addresses

  3. Start calling and start saving

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Reaching your customers, or being accessible to your customers is the main reason for embracing telephony as a communication channel. However, the way you implement it has a major impact on the efficiency and success of your company's telephone use.

Why Other Businesses Choose CM as their SIP Trunk Provider?

"Pluscloud recently joined CM.com. What we noticed were the short and fast communication lines. Together with the efficient dashboard and the simplicity of the concept, CM.com offers us a SIP Trunking solution that is much more efficient and economical than the solutions of the competition."

Martijn Snels, Founder Pluscloud

"The quality of CM's SIP Trunk is good and certainly comparable to traditional ISDN-based telephony connections. The switch to CM's Voice platform was also easily and quickly implemented."

Sander Kole, Technical Director Takeaway.com

"The price is not only what matters. CM is also a specialist when it comes to smart routing of calls via the best telecom suppliers. The price is OK but the quality of the routing is very high."

Kees-Jan Mars, Director at GDCC

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Get SIP Trunk related advice and all your questions answered by our SIP Trunking experts.

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