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Build a Chatbot to Automate Conversations

Chatbots: you either hate or love them. If implemented correctly, we're sure you and your customers will love them.

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24/7 Availability

Provide valuable answers, at any time and place. You are no longer bound to office hours to deliver a great and consistent experience.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensure that you respond to questions and inquiries quickly and accurately to see your customers' smiling faces.


Understand Your Customers

If you know your customers you know how to improve. With our AI-powered chatbot, you are fed with valuable insights to continuously improve your service. 

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot chatting. It can handle conversations with humans and software. Chatbots are oftentimes found on websites or in messaging channels, connecting customers with companies 24/7.

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What’s the difference between Scripted and AI Chatbots?

A scripted chatbot follows a script. If a human asks a question, the bot follows the script of predefined answers to give the correct answer.

An AI chatbot uses Conversational AI and NLP to give the best possible answer. AI chatbots are smarter and can handle more complex conversations.

Chatbot service via multichannel messaging

A Chatbot on any channel

You can implement a chatbot on any channel. Did you know chatbots can also become voicebots? A virtual assistant that can chat and speak, all from the same database!

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    Facebook Chatbot

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    Website Chatbot

Our Chatbots can help your business in many ways

Improve customer satisfaction

Allow Chatbots to answer your most common questions instantly and 24/7 without the need for human interference.

Boost employee moral

Take the strain off your contact center agents. Let the chatbot handle the simple recurring questions so your agents can focus on the more complex conversations.

Improve response time

Our chatbots are lightning fast. They can handle millions of conversations concurrently, drastically reducing your call volumes and service costs.

Promote self service 24/7

Offer your customers a world-class digital experience with 24/7 support that allows them to get what they need, instantly and through the channel most convenient for them.

Increase revenue

A conversational chatbot can uplift your conversion rate and increase revenue. From cross-selling and up-selling to handling transactions including payments: you name it, the bot can do it.



What Chatbot features do you need?



One of the biggest frustrations? Impersonal support. Make sure your chatbot can help your customers in a personal way. And don't forget, for some issues customers want to talk to a real person. It's all about finding the right balance.



Any virtual assistant should be able to have a chat naturally. Or, it should be very clear you have to choose from options. People will start chatting; your chatbot has to understand what they want. UX is important here.



Customers turn to chatbots not only for questions but also expect them to help them with transactions. Whether that's a change, purchase, or status update. Do they want to change their address, or buy tickets? Make sure they can!



Via which channels are your customers trying to reach you? With a chatbot, your customers can reach you 24/7 via any channel. Did you know you can use the same database to deploy your bot on your website, on WhatsApp or even via the phone?

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Conversational AI in Customer Service

Conversational AI in customer service

With the power of Conversational AI, customer questions can be answered faster. Besides, your organisation is continuously fed with data to improve the entire customer journey.

Learn more about the Power of AI for Customer Service in the paper.

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Chatbots in customer service

Chatbots in customer service

Chatbots can be tailored to a wide variety of use cases. In this guide, we will walk you through some types of chatbots and show you how you can use them to improve customer experience.

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Let’s arrange a quick call on how Conversational AI and scripted chatbots could help you overcome your specific business challenges. From reducing service costs and improving customer satisfaction to increasing revenue with higher compliance levels.

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