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2021 Competitive strategy leadership award

Frost & Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan has been awarded the Competitive Strategy Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan for our exceptional performance in the Conversational AI domain. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to innovation and groundbreaking product design.

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Automate Customer Contact in a Personal Way

With Conversational AI cloud, you can build and launch intelligent chatbots as well as give your bot a voice without any coding knowledge.

The AI algorithms make it easy to build your own AI-powered chatbot, voicebot, virtual assistant, or internal knowledge base. This platform helps your customer service agents to deliver unique and personalized customer experiences that are both trustworthy and secure.

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How Conversational AI Cloud helps you grow at scale

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24/7 Support

Be there for your customer whenever, wherever

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Boost Productivity

Automate and create more valuable time for your team

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Understand Your Customer

Make smart decisions based on customer data gathered by your AI chatbot

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Save Costs

Scale up without hiring extra staff to tackle the increasing volume of questions

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Quick Response Times

Provide fast and efficient responses to customers and reduce waiting times

Trust our long-term clients

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Build an AI chatbot without a line of code

With Conversational AI Cloud you can design and launch automated conversations without coding. You do not need your developers or external parties to deliver the best-automated customer service. With our platform, anyone can build and manage AI chatbots.

Build the best dialogues for chatbots to answer common questions, handle support inquiries and facilitate sales.

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    Intuitive drag-and-drop AI chatbot builder platform.

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    Easy to use CMS no coding required.

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    Design, build and maintain chatbots, voicebots, and dynamic FAQs.

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    Create and manage an internal knowledge base.

Learn types of chatbots

A Chatbot for All Channels

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facebook messenger
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AI chatbots that put you in control

Maintain the ultimate control over your AI-powered virtual assistant to better understand your customers.

Monitor and safeguard automated conversations to ensure the right outcome for your customers.

Remain in control of the AI chatbot to optimise your customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce drop-offs.

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    Gain insights into what customers are searching and asking for.

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    Analyze chatbot performance to improve conversations.

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    Enable multilingual content and support​.

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    Full control of the natural language processing (NLP).

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Show your customers your human side

Every customer is different, and every conversation should be a personal experience.

Use the power of AI and machine learning to automatically deduce the best channel and time to communicate with each customer.

Conversational AI Cloud helps you to understand your customers based on context and intent.

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    Understand context and intent from customer.

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    Integrate with existing databases.

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    Provide the right content no matter the comms channel.

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    Set-up a single source of truth for support team.

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AI Chatbot Conversational AI Cloud Security

Safeguard privacy and data security

Build trust with our communications platform

Ensure safe and trustworthy automated conversations. Build AI chatbots complying with the latest standards, regulations, and best practices.

Manage access with different authorization and authentication options. Safeguard the privacy and data security of your customers' personal information.

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    ISO 27001 certified. POPIA & GDPR compliant.

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    Provide access and control based on agent role.

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    Safeguard conversation quality.

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    Maintain human control over AI environment and workflows.

Data and legal security

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Unlock more value with integrations

Integrate with other smart systems in your front- and backend to create a fully automated customer journey. Get even more possibilities and data to reach even better results.

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    Connect with your database, e-commerce platform or any software.

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    Handover to live agent in any customer service software.

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    Manage all conversations from every channel in one inbox.

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    Chat real-time via a customizable live chat widget.

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Successful brands using Conversational AI Cloud

Find out how others brands and businesses have significantly improved their customer engagement with Conversational AI.

Free Paper: The Power of Conversational AI

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Conversational AI in Customer Service

With the power of Conversational AI, customer questions can be answered faster. Besides, your organization is continuously fed with data to improve the entire customer journey. 

Learn more about the Power of AI for Customer Service in the paper. 

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How chatbots enhance customer experience

Customer service teams are feeling the weight of the growing customers' expectations. Chatbots come in handy, as can be tailored to answer repetitive queries

AI chatbots, if implemented correctly, can be seen as the key to reaching customer experience goals.

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