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Securely sign contracts, agreements and documents on the go via Email, WhatsApp or SMS.

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Quick and secure digital signing with Sign

Save Time and Costs

Save time & money by making the signing processes electronic and completely paperless.

Faster Result and Turnover

Use Sign on any device via our web application or automate your workflows via our API.

Reduce Risks

Your private documents are processed more securely than via physical alternatives.

Easy to use

Use Sign on any device via our web application or automate your workflows via our API.

Digitize Your Signing Process with Sign

Sign is a fast, easy to use, and highly secure tool for requesting, collecting, and storing electronic signatures for global businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

Send invites for signees via WhatsApp, email, or SMS and speed up the turnover of your documents. 

Watch the video to get a first impression of our digital signature software.


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Why use Sign for digital signatures?

By choosing Sign, you can rest assured that your electronic signature processes are 100% secure as well as legally binding. And: it will reduce your negative environmental footprint.

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    Send documents on the go via Email, WhatsApp or SMS.

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    Invoicing based on results: only pay for a fully signed document

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    Go for a paperless office, for yourself and your client

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    Add an extra layer of security with Two-factor authentication

Calculate the impact of digital signing

The classic way of signing documents is a time-consuming and costly process. Digital signing solves this! Use the SavingsCheck to quickly calculate the impact of digital signing for you.

Sign up and get started today. The first 3 documents are completely free.

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Innovative, green and efficient

Digital signing with Sign

Digital signing with Sign

Innovation, green initiatives, and efficiency are crucial to maintain a competitive advantage in the coming decades.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the importance of these themes and how digital signing can positively impact them.

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Provide a seamless e-signature experience

With Sign, you can easily send PDF and Word documents to co-signers who can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. Once signed, contracts are time-stamped and secured with a certificate. 

Complete agreements faster, close more deals and increase sales. Automate the entire contract process and securely manage how and where you centralise your documents.

Secure and legally-binding signatures

Both you and your customers want to know that the data you send is completely secure. By choosing Sign, you can rest assured that your electronic signature processes are 100% secure as well as legally binding.

Electronic signatures in South Africa are approved under The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA) instituted in 2002. Any company operating in the South African market can use eSignatures as a signing method.

To comply with POPIA we store as little information as possible. By default, we do not store your documents longer than 30 days.

More about e-signatures
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Digital signing is easier than ever before

Sign 2.0 brings you the latest exciting design enhancements, based on current UX insights.

Clearer symbols and an improved menu structure, with colour-coded symbols to help you track and monitor the progress, make it even easier to send out contracts and documents.

Our guides help you align fields for signatures and initials. They appear automatically when you create a field, making it easier to send professional-looking documents.

Read more about Sign 2.0

Accelerate every stage of any signing process

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Create interactive, error-free quotes in a few clicks

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Create contracts with pre-approved templates

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Easily collect payments with signatures

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Make a positive environmental impact

Why do customers choose Sign

Industries that can use Sign

HR and Recruitment

Offer the best experience to your potential employees throughout the journey: recruitment, the signing moment and onboarding. Save valuable time, materials and costs.

HR and Recruitment


In the rental market, many contracts need to be signed with tenants. Moreover, when identification and payments are connected to sign, this process will be even more efficient.

Rental and Housing


Insurers process a lot of paperwork. That information needs to be secure and easy to process. Speed up the signing process now with digital signing and reduce costs.

Financial Services


Use Sign as a web app or via the API within your software environment and integrate the signing process into your software.



Healthcare organisations deal with a lot of paperwork and information must be highly secure and readily accessible. Digital signatures can speed up documentation processes and reduce costs.


Pricing - pay per signed document

Pick the plan that fits your needs

R 899 per 50 docs
  • Send Sign requests via email.

  • Secured authenticity of the document(s) including an audit trail.

  • Drag and drop document editor including personal workflows.

  • Real-time status tracking.

  • Automatic reminders and notifications.

  • Support: Ticket support during office hours.

  • Unique: Pay per signed document.

  • Unique: Unlimited number of users.

R 1,599 per 50 docs
  • Basic features +

  • Custom branding and style.

  • Creation and usage of templates.

  • Identity verification via One Time Password.

  • Support: Ticket, chat and phone support during office hours


Best value & features for larger volumes


R799 per Month *

  • Advanced features +

  • Price per document R18

  • Platform + API Access

  • Custom integration with your CRM and (web) application

  • Use your mail server and templates

  • iDIN / IBAN verification for a higher level of assurance (optional)

  • Send Sign invites via WhatsApp Business Platform & SMS (optional)

  • Support: 24/7 ticket, chat and phone support

    * based on yearly invoicing


Price on Request

  • Pro features +

  • Price per document on request

  • Personal Customer Success Manager

  • Document Protection (optional)

  • Support: 24/7/365 ticket, chat and phone support


Price on Request

  • Business features +

  • Tiered pricing (optional)

  • SLA based (optional)

  • Support: Network Operations Center (NOC)

Use Sign via Software or API

Web-Based Interface

Web-Based interface

The web-based version of Sign is very easy to use. Within a couple of minutes, you can create a Sign account and be able to start sending your first documents to be signed.

Create an account

API Integration

Through the API, it is possible to integrate Sign into your software. Companies in many different industries are taking advantage of this to provide a great, integrated signing experience.

Register for the API

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