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Selling Tickets is just the start

As a team we deliver an engaging ticketing experience with a solution built for your industry.

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Easily start your own Ticket shop

With our ready-to-go Ticketing app, you can open an online ticket shop in just a few steps and start selling tickets online. Create a responsive design that automatically fits every device, and is available in any language for any payment method.


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Your Own Branding & Ticketflow

Your own branding and ticketflow

You are in full control of your own ticket shop. Customise the complete ticketing experience of your visitors to your own preference.

  1. Create a ticket shop in your own visual style.

  2. Integrate our Ticketing API in your own webshop or app.

  3. Upsell or cross-sell by adding extra tickets or products.

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Real-time Insights & User-friendly Dashboard

Real-time insights and a user-friendly dashboard

Get real-time and detailed reports on your ticket sales directly from the user-friendly ticketing dashboard which is accessible on any device. 

  1. Get insights into revenue, visitors costs, and demographic data.

  2. Easily compare ticket sales with previous events.

  3. Add additional data fields to your ticket shop.

Scan your Tickets at the door

Use our simple scanning software (iOS/Android) for easy ticket scanning at the door and real-time entrance insights.

Download for Android or Download for Apple

  1. Use any phone(s) to validate tickets of your visitors.

  2. Get real-time insights into visitors at your venue.

  3. Easy to use for all types of events. Did we mention it’s free?

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All-in-one-Ticketing solution

Give your visitors the optimal experience before, during, and after your event with our mobile messaging and data tools, all from the same platform.

More about Mobile Marketing Cloud

  1. Collect data in one centralised and secure data platform.

  2. Build 360° profiles based on behaviour and preference.

  3. Reach your visitors on their favourite mobile channels.

Your key to a sold-out event

We started in 1999 in the event sector.

5.3 million tickets sold in 2020 (+179%).

Global presence in 20 countries.

24/7 monitoring and support.

Ticketing software developed in-house.

Better Ticketing starts here

Plug and play solutions

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Integrate with third parties

We can offer a variety of valuable solutions. However, are you curious about integrating with other partners? No problem! We have an open API that connects with third parties or enables you to develop your ticket shop.

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Get started now

Discover all the possibilities for a unique ticketing experience. Register now on the CM.com platform and get started right away.

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