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What are you going to build with our Voice API?

As an enterprise, call centre or service desk that would like to manage its own call flows, you would either have to dig deep into complex call protocols, or invest in expensive telephony systems. 

This now belongs to the past! The CM Voice API enables any developer to create and maintain call flows. It provides the required control and flexibility to easily build IVR applications, without the complexity of integrating voice functionalities yourself.

Explore the features and find out new ways to implement Voice to grow your company's success.

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    IVR made easy

    The Voice API provides easy-to-use building blocks to create your own IVR applications in a flexible way, while still remaining full control.

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    The Voice API is easy to integrate and comes with the other features of the CM platform, such as SMS, multi-channel messaging and authentication.

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    Cost effective

    Significant cost savings. No hardware investments and up to 50% reduction on outbound call costs when combined with our SIP Trunk.

Start building from scratch or use our templates

Use our building blocks

To easily build an application completely from scratch. With our API and extensive documentation, you can create exactly what you want.

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Jumpstart with templates

For notifications, one-time-passwords and for example a DTMF menu, we offer template apps. Integrate what you need quickly.

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How can you use our Voice API?


Inbound and outbound

Inbound and outbound calling via 1 single API


Voicemail detection

You decide what happens to your outbound call when a voicemail is detected



Send and receive Dual Tone Multiple Frequency input


Audio messages

Play pre-recorded prompts



Play Text-to-speech in 20+ languages


Record speech

Record speech input with our API

How does the Voice API work?

The server will call your http(s) server using a POST command. Thereafter it will send JSON data containing information on a new incoming call, a newly setup outgoing call (coming soon) or a status update on a call (for example - done playing audio file).

The Voice API will call your server to inform it on updates and ask for the next step(s) to perform.

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Voice API pricing

Use our API via prepaid or postpaid

Calls originating from South Africa Price (excl VAT)

South Africa Fixed


South Africa Telkom Mobile


South Africa MTN Mobile


South Africa Vodacom Mobile


South Africa Cell C Mobile


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