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Mobile landing Pages for SMS campaigns

Create professional mobile-friendly landing pages to support your SMS and WhatsApp campaigns using drag-and-drop logic.


Mobile Marketing Cloud

With Mobile Marketing Cloud, you get to know your customers and tailor the journey for each customer on a personalised level.

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Customer Data Platform

Collect and organise customer data across a variety of touch points to create a single view of customer interactions.

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Marketing Automation

Save time and work more efficiently - automate customer journeys across various channels with segments and workflows.

Mobile Marketing Cloud Pricing

Choose between basic, advanced, or pro packages and configure the Mobile Marketing Cloud to align with your strategy and budget.

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The mobile first differentiator for marketers

Turn your SMS campaigns into a media-rich brand experiences. Pages is a mobile landing page builder that gets sent together with your text messages offering hyper-personalised brand experiences. Gather valuable information with form fields and map the feedback into the Customer Data Platform.

SMS and landing page example

Boost SMS engagement with mobile landing pages

Using SMS Campaigns, you can easily attach mobile landing pages to a text message. Campaigns will automatically generate a unique link for each recipient and track the conversion statistics.

  1. Add rich and interactive media to any SMS message.

  2. Save time and work more efficiently with templates.

  3. Create a page with multiple sections directly in the editor.

Drag and drop features - no coding required

Add videos, carousels, social media icons, buttons and QR-codes.

Promote new arrivals or send personalised offers with custom fields.

Create urgency with limited time offers and coupon codes.

Build surveys and gather consumer insights.

Add form fields and dropdowns with checkboxes to remain POPIA compliant.

Mobile Landing Pages

Unleash your creativity with rich features

With Pages, you can get creative with rich media when you construct your mobile landing page using drag and drop logic. Analyse your success with multiple link tracking features and re-engage on a customer specific level.

  1. Promote new arrivals, back in stock, and collect opt-ins.

  2. Create urgency with limited time offers and coupon codes.

  3. Share online surveys and forms with drop-downs and comment boxes.

Customer Data Platforms

Unify customer data and personalise engagement at scale

Use your data to its full potential by mapping customer specific input fields back into the Customer Data Platform. Filter and segment your audience on behaviour or set up custom filters for re-engagement.

  1. Build 360° profiles based on behaviour and preference.

  2. Create smart segments for personalised campaigns.

  3. Automate your customer journeys with workflows.

Pricing and packages for Mobile Marketing Cloud

SMS rates excluded

Free Trial

Start immediately

Try it 14-days free
  • Get all the features of a Basic package.


Start immediately

From R 529 / month
  • Get started with everything you need for basic personalised campaigns.


*Additional pricing

From R 1,499 / month
  • Improve your campaign effectiveness through automation and integration.


*Additional pricing

Price on request
  • Create hyper-personalised campaigns and integrate all your data sources.

How to start sending Landing Pages with your SMS campaigns

  1. Design your landing page.
  2. Create your SMS, link your page & send.
  3. Track, trace and optimise.

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