What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. It is a cloud-based delivery platform that enables businesses to add real-time Communication Channels (SMS, Voice, and Conversational Channels) to their applications with the use of APIs.

What Are the Advantages of Using CPaas?

More and more enterprises are discovering the value that CPaaS can add to their infrastructure, enabling them to meet the needs of today’s ‘always on’ customers. Companies use CPaaS within their online interfaces, smartphone applications, SMS verifications, chatbots and more.

CPaaS contributes to a full customer experience and ensures that your business can be reachable by your customers at any time of the day. How can businesses benefit from this rising real-time communication framework?

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How to Incorporate CPaaS into your business process


Create, send and analyze multi-channel campaigns that take your customer through a personalized journey fit for each phase of the purchasing funnel, connected and analyzed on one platform

Sales and Business Support

Enable notifications that informs you as soon as a new lead is received via your CRM system and automate your first response. Reduce the response time and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Messaging has become particularly valuable for customer service teams, enabling them to provide customers with a single, seamless experience across all channels and devices.

What is the technology Behind a Communications Platform?

At the heart of any CPaaS vendor, you’ll find one common theme – APIs. This means businesses don’t need to invest in costly hardware that lacks scalability.

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With the help of APIs, companies can configure and add their own real-time communication solutions on a single platform, without building any complex backend infrastructure.

  • Seamless integration across the board
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics
  • Multiple programming languages

Why choose CM.com as CPaaS Provider?

GDPR compliant Enterprise Messaging

CM.com guarantees all your messages and data will remain in the EEA. Use our CPaaS capabilities with direct operator connections to make sure you meet all GDPR requirements.

ISO certified and 24/7 IT support

Our CPaaS offering is ISO certified and supports enterprise required security, privacy and control capabilities which are provided through a SLA, a Network Operating Center.

Products to enrich your business process

CM.com offers not only CPaaS but also a rich Payment Methods and Digital Identity services. This allows for a full Customer Journey improvement in your Digital Transformation process.

Discover our CPaaS Opportunities

An effective CPaaS framework means having all the messaging channels combined into one platform. CM.com offers a wide range of messaging opportunities which are beneficial for your business.


Using our SMS API, businesses can communicate with their customers whenever they want and wherever they are. Real-time delivery and analytics give you insights into who is converting. 


Get access to a range of great VoIP products to enhance your global voice business. Direct operator connections worldwide mean premium call quality through our global geo-redundant platform

Conversational Channels

Our Business Messaging API combines all Conversational Channels (WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat & more) into a single platform, offering a high-volume and two-way customer engagement solution.

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