One Time Password

Secure Online Transactions With One Time Passwords

Integrate our Two-Factor Authentication API to safeguard your data, accounts, and users transactions.

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Secure Your Business and Accounts With One Time Passwords

Guaranteed Delivery

Our SMS gateway delivers large volumes of messages in a timely manner. By combining SMS with Voice, delivery of your OTP is guaranteed at all times.

Easy API Configuration

Benefit from enterprise scalability with our easy integration and configuration. Generate and deliver OTPs via SMS or Voice, and verify the response.

Bulletproof & GDPR compliant

By adding an extra layer of security you can extend your level of GDPR compliance. Implementing SMS or Voice OTP protects your customer's data.


Build Your Own OTP Solution

Easily authenticate new users, secure account logins, and safeguard transactions with One Time Passwords.

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How Does Our OTP API Work?

  1. The OTP request is generated by the API
  2. The OTP is sent via SMS or Voice message
  3. The user receives and enters the code
  4. Our API verifies the code & gives access
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Send One Time Passwords via SMS

Reach your customers wherever they are and send your OTPs via SMS. Even when users don't have access to the internet, they can still make use of this multi-factor authentication solution.

  1. Fast and reliable global delivery on any mobile device

  2. Determine code length from 4 to 8 digits

  3. Send from a local phone number or sender ID

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Send One Time Passwords via Voice Call

With Voice OTP, the password is received as a spoken message. It allows you to also reach users with limited sight and destinations that are not reachable by SMS.

  1. Use Voice as a backup in case your SMS is not delivered

  2. Available in different spoken languages and voices

  3. Push your delivery rates close to 100 percent

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Why Choose as Your OTP Provider

Fast delivery of time-critical messages are guaranteed

Our platform is connected to 2000 operators worldwide

Rely on our ISO 27001 certified redundant platform

Benefit from our round-the-clock and in-house support

Get clear control and insights on your costs and traffic

How Other Companies Use Our OTP API

Our REST API Integrated Quick and Easy

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Build With SDKs

Easily integrate our SMS or Voice One Time Password API into your existing systems and start sending One Time Passwords worldwide. There are several example codes available for different programming languages for both our SMS as Voice API.

To the Docs on GitHub

Integrate Our Powerful OTP API Into Your Software

Enhance your application security and manage user verification via SMS and Voice, with our reliable and secure two-factor authentication solution.

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