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Maximize Your Agents Productivity

An AI-powered agent inbox to consolidate, manage and elevate customer service interactions across every channel.

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Omnichannel Support

Empower customers to contact agents on their preferred messaging channel

Reduce Waiting Times

Provide customers with quick responses and decrease contact time by 39%

Personalize Conversations

Deliver personalized, relevant and accurate service to each individual customer

The Only Agent Inbox Your Team Needs

Mobile Service Cloud merges your customers’ favourite channels, customer data and service conversations into one easy-to-use inbox accessible to all agents. Enabling your agents to work more efficiently and reduce wait times for your customers.

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Smart Routing

Direct all conversations to the right agent for expert advice and a seamless experience.

Easy Collaboration

Allow agents to collaborate with colleagues or partners without leaving the conversation.

Unified Knowledge Center

Upload internal documents to ensure all agents work from the same information.

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Empower Your Agents With Their Own AI Assistant

Our AI assistant boosts productivity by suggesting answers, enhancing writing quality, providing translations, and summarizing conversations all in one single view to elevate customer satisfaction.

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Answer Suggestions

Reach resolutions faster with accurate AI-generated answer suggestions based on your knowledge centre.

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Writing Assistance

Customize your responses instantly with a single click—adjust tone, translate, correct spelling, expand, or rephrase.



Quickly understand conversations with AI-generated summaries, highlighting key customer questions and essential points.

360° Customer Profiles

Personalize Conversations with 360° Customer Profiles

Present detailed customer profiles directly from any platform right next to the customer conversation. Ensure your agents have all the relevant information at hand to deliver personalized support to each individual customer.

  1. Integrate all customer data from existing platforms

  2. View order history and previous service conversations

  3. Utilize tags to identify customers based on service interactions

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Offer Support via All Channels

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Goodbye Siloed Solutions.
Hello Engagement Platform.

Mobile Service Cloud seamlessly integrates with our suite of service and marketing tools to create a unified experience for both your customers and agents. It effortlessly works with our Conversational AI Cloud, Mobile Marketing Cloud, Conversational Channels and more.

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From Start-ups to Enterprises

✔ Basic - Per user per month - €35

Easily organize customer service for all modern communication channels.

✔ Advanced - Per user per month - €65

Efficiently manage a high volume of customer service conversations with your team.

✔ Pro - Per user per month - €119

Deliver excellent customer service at scale and improve the Customer Experience.

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Find answers to your questions

What is Customer Service Software?

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Customer service software is a platform businesses use to handle customer inquiries and complaints efficiently across various channels like email, phone, chatbots, social media, and self-service options. It centralizes customer interactions, making it easier for service teams to manage, prioritize, and respond to requests from any location at any time.

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What is a Knowledge Center?

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A Knowledge Center holds an extensive repository of internal company information within a unified platform. This singular source of truth provides your entire organization access to real-time information at a centralized location. This dynamic database ensures that the most accurate and pertinent answers are consistently available.

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What is WhatsApp for Customer Service?

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WhatsApp for Customer Service enables real-time customer service, providing all necessary information in one place. It offers direct access to consumers, improving overall customer service quality. The aim is to offer clear information through one-on-one app conversations, allowing businesses to send concise questions for easy customer response.

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What is a Customer Service Chatbot?

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A customer service chatbot efficiently handles various queries, utilizing connected databases for complex questions. With relevant data, the bot provides personalized responses, adapting to the customer, context, and intent. This automation enhances team productivity, ensuring a consistent and improved customer experience by responding to queries, using databases, and making personalized recommendations.

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Chatbot vs. Live Chat: which is right for you?

Chat is quickly becoming many customers’ favorite way to communicate with brands. From getting their problems solved quickly to finding out more information about a company’s products or services, chat is fast, efficient, and doesn’t involve the long-wait times typically associated with phone calls or rounds of back-and-forth emails.

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The Future of Customer Service Starts with Multidisciplinary Teams

86% of consumers say that good customer service can take them from one-time buyers to brand advocates. While great customer service is an essential focus of any successful brand — forward-thinking companies are forming customer-focused multidisciplinary teams to help create exceptional customer experiences.

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According to PwC's Future of Customer Experience report, 32% of customers will leave a brand after just one bad experience. Even when they love your brand, 59% will walk away after two bad experiences.

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How The Customer Relationship Will Define Your Business Model

New generations of customers ask for different business approaches. Modern consumers are well-informed and tech-savvy, with high standards for any business. A customer-centric business model can help you live up to these standards. Let’s first have a look at these new generations before diving into how you can take on a customer-centric approach.

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Feb 22, 2022 • Mobile Service Cloud

How Great Customer Service can Revolutionise Healthcare?

Led by the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare landscape has worsened globally. While many businesses across industries witnessed their usual processes crumble, the healthcare sector perhaps had the worst hit due to immense pressure. When it came to responding to COVID-19, healthcare strategies made a 360-degree turn and switched to integrated customer service solutions since they seemed the most effective. For instance, the Government of India used conversational AI in its existing platform with the support of a service partner to improve user engagement and deliver the correct facts about the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) also used AI to assist and answer questions posed by individuals via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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6 Chatbot Use Cases to Revolutionize Retail and Ecommerce

In the super-competitive world of retail, automation can make the difference between success and failure. Spend too much time on laborious returns or repetitive questions and you’ll have none left to focus on sales strategies and building your customer base. Automating important elements of your retail operation can free up your staff to do great things.

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How To Build a Robust Customer Service Strategy in 2022

With customer service becoming the new benchmark for successful businesses, the need to sharpen your CX strategies has become eminent. A study by Esteban Kolsky states that 34% of companies are implementing “customer journey mapping” into their customer service. A user experience journey is mapped before and after using a product, customer service paves the path to ensure a seamless journey benefiting both the brand as well as the customer. This blog walks you through the benefits of impactful customer service tips that can help your eCommerce business immensely.

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Six Things Customer Service and Retail Brands Get Wrong About Customer Loyalty

Some believe that you can earn loyalty by ‘delighting’ customers. Some say a ‘positive emotional experience’ works best. Others say we shouldn’t use the term loyalty at all, because it’s misleading, and no one can ever really be ‘loyal’ to a brand anyway. Is the truth out there?

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