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Enabling eCommerce Businesses to Deliver Superior Experience is enabling retail & eCommerce businesses across the globe, deliver superior customer experiences across websites, physical stores, call-centres, social media, and more. Our platform act as a one-stop shop for all your customer engagement efforts that will help increase your conversions!

Whether you are just starting with your eCommerce business and need a marketing automation solution to grow your business or you have an established eCommerce business and looking to achieve process excellence and automation in customer service to save cost and achieve efficiency in operation, we have a solution ready for you.

How Centralpoint Boosts Performance

''Be where your customers are and deliver the service experience they expect.''

Watch the video and learn how Centralpoint leverages Mobile Service Cloud to meet their customer demands.

Mobile Service Cloud
personalize mobile marketing messages

Data-Driven Marketing Automation to Increase Conversions

Create automated mobile marketing campaigns at ease & increase your conversion rates. Build multi-channel engagement workflows from notifications to nurturing flows to card-abandonment reminder on channels like SMS, WhatsApp & more.

  1. 360° Customer Profiles for Personalization

  2. Smart Segmentation for Personalized Ads on Instagram

  3. Cart Abandonment reminders on WhatsApp

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mobile service cloud

Customer Service Software Built for eCommerce

Move away from old-generation ticketing concept and supercharge your customer service with the power of conversations. With Mobile Service Cloud your agents can respond to incoming queries from multiple messaging channels inside one dashboard, and choose to automate conversations with a chatbot when they're offline.

  1. Improve Agent's Efficiency with One Omnichannel Inbox

  2. Contextual Support for better CSAT with access to Customer Data

  3. Turn your service center into sales with customer co-browsing

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chatbot builder

Automate Engagement & Support using Conversational Chatbot

Provide 24/7 customer support or help users navigate easily through your eCommerce website using AI-powered omnichannel chatbot.

  1. Self-Service FAQs to divert redundant support queries to chatbot

  2. Save time by automating the order tracking & return process

  3. Lead generation using a product recommendation chatbot

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communication paltform

Communication Channels for Higher Engagement

Use communication platform to access multiple business messaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business Messaging and more to give a boost to your eCommerce conversion rates.

  1. Access SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business Messaging & more

  2. GDPR compliant APIs for secured messaging

  3. Unique Platform Features & BSP Benefits

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Start Engaging Customers with the Power of Conversations

Give your team the best tools for their customer engagement and support efforts, so that they are more focused on growing the business.

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