What is a FAQ chatbot?

A FAQ chatbot can be used to automate answers to some of the more common questions your organization may be asked. These types of questions can be a huge drain on your customer service team and often involve repetitive, copy & paste answers that are more easily and efficiently managed by a machine.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) chatbots are effective because they allow customers to get rapid access to the information they need without having to scroll through pages and pages of FAQs. Not only do they allow customers to self-serve and access answers to their questions without the need for human interaction, they also mean you can offer 24/7 customer service without the need to increase your staffing overheads. 

Chatbots answering FAQs can take the form of either an AI or scripted chatbot, although scripted chatbots are more common in customer support and marketing settings. Scripted bots can carry out simple conversations with customers based on a predefined script. When a user sends a customer service query, the bot can reply with a predefined answer based on its script programming. As with other types of chatbots, the FAQ variant can escalate a query to a human agent if it’s unable to resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction.

With more advanced AI chatbot technology, you can create a Dynamic FAQ Module, where new FAQs are shown dynamically, with the best possible answer available. As a bot, it can determine the answers to more complex questions based on the format of the question and information held within your organization. For example, customers can ask the question in any form and the bot will search for the best answer in every database connected (whether this is the website, your catalog, or previously asked questions). It can recognize questions based on entities and intent.

What are the benefits of a FAQ chatbot?

FAQ chatbots save customers valuable time, ensuring they’re not on hold for hours on end or spending large chunks of their day trawling through reams of FAQ pages. Allowing your customers to self-serve has two major benefits:

It means your customer service team can focus on providing quality customer care, rather than dealing with repetitive queries and means they can take time off out of hours.

Customers can get the information they need with minimal effort and without needing to speak to a customer service agent, which some people can find intimidating. 

How to get started with a FAQ chatbot

Whether you’d prefer a scripted chatbot or an AI chatbot, you can build it with the software offered by CM.com. Our team is available to provide the support you need to future-proof your customer engagements.

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