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Jun 29, 2021
5 minutes read

Instagram for Businesses: Connect, Engage and Support Your Customers on Instagram Via API

With Instagram Messaging, brands can manage their presence – making a lot more possible with conversations and be at the forefront of customer experience. The platform’s main features such as shopping, sharing, creating content have made it popular among its users. On the business side of things, it fits squarely into an amazing tool for connecting and resolving customers’ queries. Let's go further and understand what Integrating Instagram Messaging via API means for your business. 

Instagram is a place for emerging trends and discovering new ideas. A great part of this experience is also about discovering brands that customers like to engage with. 90% of people who use Instagram follow one or more business accounts. 2 out of 3 people surveyed say Instagram enables deeper interaction with brands. The obvious reason for this is that, you build a community around your brand on Instagram.

For any business with a huge Millennial and Generation Z customer base, Instagram has already proved to be an indispensable platform for building a deeper connection with this user base. The younger generation is seen to be a part of the growing number of communities associated with the brands they love – redefining the way customers engage with a brand.

Messaging on Instagram plays an important role in helping people connect with brands in personal ways through stories and mentions. The total number of daily conversations between people and businesses on Messenger from Facebook and Instagram over the last year grew by over 40%.

Customer conversations are a valuable source of insight to any customer-centric business. When a customer's behavior and conversations can be understood in the right context, brands can extend better service and superior experience while leveraging that data. But when you have a massive number of followers, the same queries can be overwhelming to your team.

This’s where Messenger API for Instagram comes in. 

How to Grow Business with Instagram Messaging? 

With the Messenger API support for Instagram, businesses will now be able to scale their conversations with customers who are on Instagram, as easily as they had been doing on Messenger from Facebook.

Messaging on Instagram


The opportunity presented by Instagram Messaging,  which ranges from driving sales to improving customer satisfaction by having meaningful interactions with people, is huge. 

The API features enable businesses to integrate Instagram Messaging with their business applications and workflows to drive more meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction and grow sales. 

But engaging with your customers on Instagram is not simply about responding to their queries. Brands can benefit from tools and resources to enhance the possibilities for handling conversations at scale.  

Enhance Customer Service 

Customer conversations are a valuable source of insight to any customer-centric business.

But with millions of followers on Instagram, especially for larger brands and companies, the need arises for a scalable business messaging solution — one that not only manages high volumes of conversations but also offers a great experience for customers and simplifies customer service for support teams.  

The Messenger API for Instagram solves these problems by addressing the issues that companies have been grappling with – to manage high volumes of customer conversations and offer support for conversations started on Instagram. Brands with a considerable audience on Instagram can now manage and scale the conversations by integrating with customer service software solutions to offer excellent customer service throughout the customer journey. The integration with right set of tools and software adds to the possibility of automation providing a path to live agent support through multiple agents. 

This offers an authentic experience to your customers and a highly personalized service they expect. With the Messenger API for Instagram, it’s possible to scale the conversations coming from Instagram by having multiple agents to answer all your incoming requests simultaneously! 

Boost Sales 

Getting up to speed on your customers’ buying decisions is key for advancing your business. When queries flow into a channel, resolving the customer’s need in the same platform is ideal. Thanks to Messenger API for Instagram, you’ll be able to resolve more queries in a shorter time. This helps speed up the decision-making for customers and thereby buying process without leaving the chat window.  

Once you integrate the Instagram Messaging service with your company’s apps and platforms, it’s easier to identify and capture new leads coming from an Instagram channel and provide highly relevant content to your Instagram audience. 


Messaging on Instagram goes beyond sales or support and can be used to build customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction. 

How businesses can benefit from Instagram Messaging via API:

  • Grow your business by connecting and responding to customers faster.  
  • Agents can respond to DMs as part of their customer support conversations. 
  • Immediately respond to common queries or frequently asked questions. 
  • Seamlessly connect to live support for more complex inquiries. 
  • Allows brands to expand their business, elevate the customer experience while offering better support at scale. 
  • Save hours by managing multiple conversations simultaneously with an automated chatbot solution.

If you’ve been thinking of integrating Instagram API with your website and want to get early access to Instagram Messaging, this is your moment.

Integrate directly with the Messenger API for Instagram now available through a selective number of partners and businesses. If you’re a brand that manages high volume of conversations, you can now provide excellent customer service, scale conversations, and increase customer satisfaction on Instagram via our API. is one of a few selected API Messaging providers that can help you get access to Instagram Messaging via our API. 

If you’d like to get a closer look and learn more about Instagram Messaging, contact our team

Request early access to Instagram Messaging and get started soon

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