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Jan 25, 2023
6 minutes read

8 Tips to Improve the Digital Telecom Experience

Technology and software play a fundamental role in the customer journey, so it’s more important than ever that Telco companies engage and communicate with customers digitally to ensure all bases are covered. And the best bit? Doing so is easier than you think, as it merely involves being more proactive with your data.

Here are eight ways how can help you engage with your customers via digital channels to reduce churn during their new contract & order journey:

1. Awareness: Make It Personal

The best time to engage with a customer is just before the critical moment they start looking. For example, informing them that their phone contract is coming up for renewal soon.

The first interaction with your customer should open up the conversation in a clear way that feels natural for them. For instance, make them aware that their phone contract is ending by sending them an SMS notification - which can be set up automatically - to their mobile device. Here, they'll have the option to click an embedded link, which will take them to your app or mobile webpage to uncover more information.

And since you’ve already got their information, why not personalize that contact? You can use this data to your advantage by showing you’d like to help and making them feel like you’re taking a genuine interest: "We know that there are many options to choose from. We've got your back…" could be one way about it.

Telco customer journey awareness

2. Research: Be Ready

Once you’ve started the conversation, the customer will go into research mode. They’re likely to check their account and then check the market for a better deal while talking to their friends. Of course, you’re part of that research and discussion phase, but what matters here is to be ready when they have a question, and be aware that customers gather information via different sources. 


3. Contact: Keep the Conversation Going

Some customers might not hit the phone at this point; however, they might prefer to head back to your site or app and look for a way to contact you digitally. This is where a chatbot can help. A well-built chatbot doesn’t just respond to recognizable questions, necessary as that is. It uses what it knows about the customer to build and create a personalized conversation, which helps to provide customer service that connects on a personal level.

Imagine: your chatbot recognizes your customer, remembers they’ve logged in and uses data (SMS sent, site visit made) to instantly empathize by not saying “hello, how can I help?” but instead, calling the customer by their first name, offering a more personable question: “Are you looking for the same phone brand in the same colour as last time, or do you fancy a change this time around?”, for instance.

Telco customer journey contact


4. Notifications: Automate for Simplicity

It might be that once your customer is aware of what’s available to them, they go away and take some time to ponder their option. During this time, it’s paramount to set reminders so your customer is kept updated on stock levels of what they’re looking to buy; for example, they feel you are sticking by their side throughout the entire purchase journey. Doing so is easy, too. Simply set up SMS reminders so they won’t miss your notifications. This part is important because you want customers to feel engaged and keep them in the loop to ensure they will stay. This can be automated, so it doesn't cost you a lot of energy and time.

 Telco customer journey notification

5. Ordering: Make It Easy

Once the customer has decided on the model, colour, and contract type they want to go with, making the purchasing process as painless as possible is important. Offer different payment options and allow them to do so - frictionlessly - via their phones, so they don’t need to go to another device to complete the transaction. You’ll ensure more sales this way.


6. Confirmation: An Important Step

Once your customer has ordered their new smartphone, it’s crucial that they’re sent some form of confirmation, by SMS and email or WhatsApp, not only thanking them for ordering with you but alerting them that their order has been received. This will give them the confidence that their order is being dealt with professionally, while the multiple-channel delivery of messages will give it a more personal touch.

Be sure to do everything correctly and only send updates at the appropriate moments; for example, a confirmation email after placing an order, a confirmation SMS when the order is picked, and another stating it will be sent shortly—different channels for different moments keep customers engaged.


7. Delivery: Reassure Your Customer With Updates

Ensure you keep the customers engaged throughout this phase with updates on the delivery status, so they feel reassured that their new device is on its way and in safe hands. Automated WhatsApp notifications can make this process exceptionally easy.

A good quality signed courier service will also add extra peace of mind while ensuring the device is delivered to the correct person.

 Telco customer journey delivery

8. Retention: A Happy Customer That Will Come Back for More

A follow-up is crucial in making your customers happy and ensuring they’ll come back to you later, maybe when they’re ready to renew their contract again. Why not proactively send the customer extra information to help them to set up their new phone, for example, an SMS declaring, “here are some tips to get you on your way with your new smartphone!”. Best of all, you can make sure it’s all done automatically. It’s not only easy for you, but it ensures the customer is more likely to remember their pleasant experience far into the future.

Want to explore more options during the digital Telecom experience? Download the visual customer journey by clicking on the image below:

Telco infographic customer journey

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