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Secure Your Platform with One Time Passwords

Enhance the security of your platform by integrating our two-factor authentication service using One Time Passwords (OTP).

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Full Flexibility in OTP Delivery

Fully configure your own OTP setup with our Business Messaging API to match your needs. Full freedom in the selection of channels & messages.

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Custom OTP

By combining our OTP API with our Business Messaging API you have complete freedom in sending OTP codes by offering a seamless customer journey using one or more customized channels of choice.

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If you want to get started right away you can use SOLiD, our full-service OTP service. We create, verify and deliver your OTP messages taking care of the full end-to-end process.

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Protect Businesses and Customers in Different Industries

Financial Industry

Financial Industry

One Time Passwords provide a superior level of security while minimizing inconvenience for clients in the financial industry. OTPs offer a robust authentication method, meeting the customer's high expectations for data privacy.

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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, data breaches often aim to exploit healthcare employees' user credentials as a gateway to sensitive systems. To prioritize security, an extra layer of protection via One Time Passwords helps safeguard valuable healthcare data.

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Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce

Combatting eCommerce fraud is crucial, and One Time Passwords serve as an effective solution for online accounts. By integrating this security measure, customers gain confidence in the protection of their personal information.

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Government employees possess access to critical data, making them prime targets for attacks. Implementing One Time Passwords ensures that only authorized users can access government data, providing an essential layer of security against unauthorized access.

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Why Choose as Your OTP Provider

Fast delivery of time-critical messages are guaranteed

Our platform is connected to 2000 operators worldwide

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Benefit from our round-the-clock and in-house support

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One-Time Password Pricing

One Global Price per Validated OTP

* Excluding channel costs (conversational channels and SMS) per OTP sent. Standard prices: Go - €0.04 | Basic - €0.03 | Advanced - €0.025 | Pro - €0.02

** Required if custom branding is applicable. SMS is excluded from the one-time setup costs and template updates.

Configure Your Own OTP OTP-as-a-Service
Configure Your Own OTP OTP-as-a-Service


Custom branding

SOLiD branding

Price per verified OTP *

Starting at € 0.04

Starting at € 0.04

One-time setup costs per channel **

€ 199,- per channel


Template update **

€ 49,- per update


* Excluding channel costs (conversational channels and SMS) per OTP sent. Standard prices: Go - €0.04 | Basic - €0.03 | Advanced - €0.025 | Pro - €0.02

** Required if custom branding is applicable. SMS is excluded from the one-time setup costs and template updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About One Time Passwords

What Is a One Time Password?

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A One Time Password or OTP is a security code designed to be used for a single login attempt, to minimize the risk of fraudulent login attempts and maintain high security. It’s a string of characters or numbers automatically generated and sent to the user’s phone via SMS, Voice, or Push message.

The OTP has become the standard method worldwide of enabling a login when special circumstances apply, such as validating a new account or confirming a transaction is legitimate.

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How to Send One-Time Passwords?

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Providers like offer OTPs as a service, with a secure platform for receiving or initiating OTP requests, sending the OTP as a text or other channel, and verifying the OTP was entered correctly, so the transaction can go ahead.

The infrastructure for making use of one-time passwords integrates with your website or application using an API. This is how a site “knows” whether an entered OTP is correct or not, with safeguards like checking it’s within the time window.

What Are One Time Password Channels?

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There are several ways to send an OTP. Some give the option of receiving OTPs by email, although this tends to be less secure. Other providers even enable OTPs as voicemails, stating the PIN aloud when the customer checks the mailbox.

But by far the most common way to send OTPs is by Push or text messaging, typically an SMS or even WhatsApp message to the customer’s mobile phone.

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How Does a One Time Password Work?

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An OTP is generated automatically as a semi-random number or string of characters. There is no way to predict what the OTP will be ahead of time. OTPs are valid for a single login session or transaction, enhancing security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access even if the password is intercepted. Once used, the OTP expires, ensuring it cannot be reused for future logins or transactions.

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