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Because of the successful implementation of the chatbot, 85% of visitors find their answer and NPS has increased by 40 points

ASR customer story with chatbot

Transform Business Process With Technological Opportunities

a.s.r. actively seizes technological opportunities to transform its business processes. As communication between humans and machines has started to evolve, the company decided to revolutionize its customer engagement strategies by launching a conversational, user-friendly chatbot. 

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problem and goals asr

Problem & Goals

There was a clear need to transform the customer experience to better serve the digital generation – “We were very good at publishing things which nobody reads. 50% of our online visitors did not reach their goal or find an answer to their question. And because these customers had to eventually call us to reach their goal, this led to dissatisfaction.”

With the primary goal to help their existing customers in a better, faster and more digital way, the company strived for a radical transformation of the website. They obtained our CMS within which they could build their own dialogues and monitor customer interactions.

solution chatbot asr


The solution is a chatbot that replaces the previously disarrayed website with reactive and proactive dialogues and basic answers designed to respond to all kinds of customer questions. From drawing board to launch, the chatbot took 6 months to build.

“The launch of a chatbot is only the start. We have never learned so fast from customer behavior”. With data and feedback readily available, the process of analysing and optimising is simple. A.s.r. can easily see which questions are asked, which topics are relevant, the stage at which customers are dropping out and which parts they are most unsatisfied with.

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With more of the frequently asked, basic questions being answered through the chatbot, waste calls have been reduced, allowing the call-centre agent to devote more time to the highly-specific customer questions.

“Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is knowing exactly what the customer wants in (almost) real time. The chatbot forces our whole organization to think in terms of customers journeys. As a result, we can better align our strategies and communication across departments, effectively reducing organisational silos. Our learning curve has gone up really fast!”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, a.s.r. plans to take its automated customer experience to the next level by seizing the array of opportunity that our chatbot has to offer. The company plans to explore a different type of dialog within our chatbot platform which would enable them to replace its traditional paper forms with online conversational forms.

A.s.r. also plans to increase its chatbot touchpoints by implementing the chatbot behind the login for more personalized conversations. In addition, it considers expanding this service platform to other suppliers in the value chain.


• +40 points increase in NPS

• 85% of visitors find answer through chatbot (used to be 50%)

• Reduction in call/email waste

• Know what the customer really wants

• Organizational silos reduced

Future Plans:

• Conversational Forms

• Customer identification in the chatbot via login

• Adding stakeholders to the platform

• Integrating artificial intelligence in the custom dashboards to improve dialogues

Experience the Power of Chatbots

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