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Nov 02, 2021
6 minutes read

Ace Instagram Messaging For Business With

When it comes to using Instagram Messaging for businesses, it's one of the most convenient and powerful means to build relationships with potential customers, promote and advertise your products/services, and even close sales - all of this at one platform.

 With more than 1.07 billion people using Instagram and 90% of them following one business at least, it's safe to say that Instagram is all over the place. From being a photo-sharing app to a hub of business activity, using Instagram for business in 2021 has become a business requisite. 

As of now, 150 million people already have conversations with businesses on Instagram. At this point, it’s safe to say that your audience is using Instagram, and your competitors too. Fortunately, social media messaging services have evolved from the AIM days. Most of us prefer using fast and free options like WhatsApp and Instagram DM although businesses are still practicing advertisement and sponsorship activities.  

Why You Should Go For Instagram Messaging For Your Business? 

We have already seen Facebook Messenger for businesses working in favour of brands, while Facebook is still pretty much the king of social media, Instagram DM (Direct Messaging) seems to be quickly catching up, with nearly 375 million active users every month, presenting itself as a viable advertising space for businesses. 

As nearly eight out of ten people use Instagram to browse for brands and their services, it's only pertinent that you confront your potential customers halfway by sliding into their DMS. Instagram DMS (Direct Messaging) is arguably one of the most potential yet underrated marketing channels that your business can use to increase engagement, visibility, and brand awareness. Different forms of content like infographics, videos, and slides are a great way to increase your brand's visibility. However, engaging with your customers directly via their inboxes offers impressive possibilities for conversion and growth.  

If your business has not jumped on the Instagram messaging bandwagon yet, you're missing out on the opportunity to connect and engage with the massive Instagram community. Before we unveil's offerings on Instagram messaging, let's take a quick flashback on how Instagram DM's work. 

Understanding Instagram DM For Business

Well, there's no particular groundbreaking element about the Instagram DM feature, but it does instantly create a more personalised way to connect directly with selected users on an individual level, similar to Facebook Messenger. At its core, the feature is all about chatting directly with other users on Instagram. 

Instagram Messaging Inbox Thread Business

When it comes to using Instagram Messaging for businesses, it's one of the most convenient and powerful means to build relationships with potential customers, promote and advertise your products/services, and even close sales - all of this at one platform. And the best part? Unlike content marketing which is subjected to algorithm changes, DM's aren't influenced by any external factor. Not only does Instagram DM boost engagement and conversion rate, but it also gives personal room for customer support. A survey by Sprout Social reveals that 31% of consumers tend to give feedback or review about products/services on a business on Instagram.

On top of this, Instagram's direct messaging feature provides complete control over who sees what, ensuring that people see the right content at the right time and therefore, connect at a deeper level. It's exactly the level of personalisation that you need for customer engagement, loyalty, retention, and impulse purchases. 

Incorporating Instagram Direct Messaging 

Now, focusing on how your business can incorporate Instagram direct messaging into your marketing campaign - There are many ways you can use DM's in your campaigns and marketing activities but targeting and exclusivity top the priority chart. Again, for targeting, the concept of providing the right content at the right time kicks in to increase conversion rate. And when it comes to exclusivity, we are talking about making your customer feel valued and important. Using Instagram DM to send exclusive discounts and offers to selected accounts is one way to let consumers feel more inclined to take action. 

There's more you can do with Instagram DM. Instagram even lets you set quick replies for DMs so that you can assist user inquiries immediately. 47% of consumers tend to engage with a brand that instantly answers service inquiries over non-responsive or those taking longer time to respond.  

I'm sure, if you came this far, you must be curious about how to keep up and manage Instagram DMs. Well, at, we sure can help your business leverage and make the best out of Instagram Messaging. Let's check out how: 

Use As Your Instagram Messaging Provider 

With's Business API for Instagram, your business can boost response times, drive customer engagement, improve conversion rate and grow customer satisfaction. Ultimately, our goal is to enable businesses to connect with their customers at their preferred channel to drive better business outcomes. Our new-feature enriched Messenger API facilitates businesses to integrate Instagram Messaging within their workflows and tools and helps them bring convenience to their customers via personalised responses. With this feature at your disposal, you can offer an uninterrupted, rich, interactive, and seamless customer experience and build powerful and lasting relationships. Ultimately, it is the ideal solution for businesses that interact regularly on Instagram.

So, what's in store for your business? Let's uncover:


Access All Channels

Our Business Messaging API enables businesses to access multiple messaging channels available through and respond or reach out to their customers at their preferred channel within a central powerful platform. 

One Dashboard

With's Single Dashboard functionality, your business gets the power to connect all channels in one interface so that you can deliver superior customer experiences. Efficiently manage your Instagram DMS alongside WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and others. 


Our Business Messaging API lets you integrate Instagram into your software so that you can improve productivity and manage better. 

Built-in Features

Leverage our built-in features like quick replies, chatbots, and sharing rich media. This feature lets you improve response time while messaging with multiple customers at once. On top of this, you can collaborate in real-time and watch your conversations turning into conversions with our advanced Chatbots.

Channel Fallback

With our powerful Business Messaging API in place, we ensure the delivery of your messages with a fallback to SMS. 

It's time to make Instagram Messaging a core part of your brand strategy because that is where your customers are. And we have everything in place so that your business can make the best out of Instagram Messaging. 

We are up for a chat in case you want to know more, give us a call. 

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