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Send hyper-personalized campaigns anytime, anywhere with's marketing automation solution.

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Start Automating Your Marketing Campaigns

With our marketing automation software you can directly start automating your marketing processes. The software is part of the Mobile Marketing Cloud and goes beyond email. You can build customer journey orchestration workflows across WhatsApp, SMS. You can also import inputs from a chatbot.

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Save Time With Marketing Automation

Empower your team to save time with the Mobile Marketing Cloud's marketing automation tools. Automate important moments in your customer's journey: from welcome programs to automated lead nurturing and re-engagement campaigns.

These timely programs help you build long-term relationships with your customers. This way your team can focus on more important things like strategy.

  1. Work efficient and save time by creating engaging workflows

  2. Automatically engage with your customers at the right time

  3. Improve customer journeys & create workflows in a few clicks

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Truly Omnichannel Marketing Automation



Engage customers on the world's most used communication channel to increase your conversions.



With native integration available for all messaging channels via communication platform, Mobile Marketing cloud is one of the most cost-efficient marketing automation solutions.


Facebook Messenger

Increase the reach of your marketing campaign with Facebook Messenger. Engage customers to help improve your conversion goals.

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Social Advertising and Remarketing

Deliver more relevant ads by integrating the Mobile Marketing Cloud with advertising networks like Facebook, Instagram.

Automatically or manually export segments to the preferred social media channel of your customer and create more engaging customer journeys to retarget them with personalized offers.

  1. Automatically export segments to Facebook, Instagram

  2. Add social triggers to your customer journey for customization

  3. Retarget visitors with hyper-relevant ads

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Smart Automation Starts With the Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile-First Customer Engagement

Set up complex, multi-channel communication streams that build lasting customer relationships, by using one platform for all customer interactions.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Plan and automate every stage of your customer journey on multiple mobile messaging channels like WhatsApp. Creating complex workflows has just got simplified with the Mobile Marketing Cloud

Personalized Messaging driven by Data

Create 360° customer profiles using Customer Data Platform (CDP) and easily create segments & automation workflows for different customer segments based on the actions they have taken.

Automation Analytics

Track unique and total open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards or for example unsubscribes. Know what works and make use of your data.

Next-Level Marketing Automation with Mobile Marketing Cloud

customer data platform profiles

Simply Design Automated Workflows

Unify data to create 360° customer profiles, build smart segments based on demographic & behavioral parameters & build data-driven custom workflows to increase conversions.

omnichannel automation

Omnichannel Automation

With our marketing automation tool, it's possible to automate channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and use HTML calls. Nurture customers at the last stage of his buying journey. Automatically export your audience to a social media channel and reach them there!

Branching Workflows

Branching Workflows

Upgrade your marketing automation possibilities with branching workflows. Create different paths for customers that didn't open an email or perform a certain action. Don't let everyone follow the same workflow, but adapt it to the needs of your customer.

Improve Your Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Automate workflows so you have more time to focus on strategy

Use our drag and drop editor to create workflows that convert

Boost your revenue and return on investment with data driven workflows

Automate not only your emails but also channels like SMS and WhatsApp

Win back sleeping customers with re-engagement workflows

Ready to Start or Upgrade Your Marketing Automation?

Integrate the Mobile Marketing Cloud into your organization and use it with success. Create a free account to see our platform in action or talk to one of our experts and get all your questions answered.

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