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Optimising Customer Service With the Right Metrics

If you’re investing a sizeable budget in refreshing the way your customer service operates, you’ll naturally want to see significant ROI. It’s easy to focus on immediate results and then forget the iterative process of refining a solution to ensure it’s still delivering in 12 or 24 months and beyond.

When it comes to chatbots, the key to ensuring your investment keeps paying for itself is to set and monitor the appropriate metrics for your business to ensure your solution is delivering value for you and your customers to ensure business success.

Sometimes, however, setting metrics for yourself is akin to letting a credit card customer set their interest rates. You’ll want a customer centric solution that delivers a host of information to allow you to take a deep dive into the data and work out where things are going right and wrong, and figure out which metrics are important for your business. 

Get Actionable Insights To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience (CX)

Accurate, powerful reporting with various metrics allows you to make changes to your consumer offering in real-time, tweaking chatbot responses and adding extra functionality to cope with frequently asked customer questions (FAQs), for example.  

With these reports, you can better understand various touch points on where your chatbot is struggling to answer specific questions thanks to Q&A overlap, where it’s failing to answer typical questions due to missing recognition, or where it has existing gaps in your database. You have a better overview of issues that need to be addressed deliver a rewarding customer service experience. 

Getting feedback in its simplest form, via customer feedback post-interaction with your chatbot for example, is a hugely valuable tool to help you improve and iterate on your chatbot’s functionality.

Customers can deliver positive and negative feedback right after they’ve completed their interaction so you get fresh, real-time insights you can use to improve for next time. Having members of your team available to analyze this feedback is crucial to ensuring you can be as reactive as possible to customer feedback. 

Equally, pre-live chat surveys are an invaluable method of discovering why many of your customers are contacting you. It could be something as simple as accessing account information; something that might be a relatively quick fix and immediately relieve pressure on your customer service agents.

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The reverse of this scenario occurs when you use your customer contact data to uncover where your team is spending too much time. Are your customers constantly asking questions about billing, for example? In this instance, you might review your FAQ copy or use Gap Analysis to uncover instances where your chatbot could provide customers with the required information. 

You may find that some of your channels aren’t frequently used by existing customers. Under-performing channels may not be the result of a lack of desire for customers to interact with them; it may be to do with your navigation. Do these channels have obvious entry points? Are you pushing customers towards these channels? Or are your other channels just much more visible to customers?

What’s most powerful about all of this insight, is the intersection between the data you’re able to collect. Using a data-driven approach to making strategic decisions, you can create a living, breathing, three-dimensional personas rather than using single sets of data to try and extrapolate conclusions.

Benefits of Measuring Effectiveness of Your Chatbot Interactions

There are a host of benefits of using reports and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your chatbot interactions. 

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Refining typical customer conversational flows to deliver answers to your most-asked chatbot questions helps to create positive customer experience, and with it, customer satisfaction. Conversational AI Cloud’s Feedback report allows you to find out what customers are saying, understand customer expectations and whether or not they’re getting satisfactory responses so you can take action. 

Reducing Contact Costs

Gap Analysis can quickly identify areas where unanswered queries are routed to your contact center, costing your team time and you money. From there, you can quickly fill in the blanks and create answers to the questions that are causing your team the most headaches.

Boosting Employee Productivity

The Project Manager Overview report in Conversational AI Cloud gives an overview of where your chatbot is delivering the most value. That means you can refocus your customer service agents on other areas, ensuring they’re delivering real value and boosting morale. 

Continuing Knowledge Growth

Ensuring you’re continually refining answers and adding knowledge to your chatbot is a vital element of improving its ROI and labor-saving abilities. Gap Analysis and FAQ reports will help you improve your chatbot’s breadth of knowledge and answer relevance.

Customer Success Story: Missguided

Missguided experienced rapid growth which meant its fledgling customer service team was quickly overwhelmed with queries. Partnering with to implement a chatbot resulted in a reduction in contact and costs of 14% and allowed the team to use the data gathered to inform their decision-making. ROI tracking was key to Missguided and the team invested heavily in data analysis and the introduction of other tools, such as Google Analytics, to complement the chatbot’s operation.

Read Case Study

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Check Out Conversation AI Cloud’s Dashboards 

Conversational AI Cloud includes 20 ‘out-of-the-box’ dashboards that cover every aspect of customer chatbot interaction. Users can download these dashboards or create their own – we provide raw logging via our reporting API to help you do that.

These dashboards are broken down into two specific categories:

Optimization Dashboards

Used for improving customer journeys via Gap Analysis, Answers, Recognition Analysis & Interaction Explorer.

Reporting Dashboards

To monitor project health (Monthly & Weekly report, KPI).

Find out more about Conversational AI Cloud and how our chatbot dashboards can help improve your ROI and we’ll take you through the use cases and benefits of our all-in-one solution.

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