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86% Of Consumers Are Willing to Pay More

The core principles of Marketing & Sales haven't changed. It's a never-ending game of seduction. However, purchasing behavior is changing as we know it. Today, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more to get a better experience. Is your business providing the best customer experience?

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Adopting New Technologies

The need to be more user-friendly and personalized applies to every industry, demanding Marketing & Sales departments to adopt new technologies at an increasing pace. Their working environment becomes more complex due to data, privacy, and automation. This poses a big challenge, especially for organizations whose core business lies in the traditional domain. At CM.com, we accelerate your company's ability to make customer experiences scalable and accessible.

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Tech-driven With a Human Touch

As we look forward to the changes that lie ahead, we want to share our vision of what things might look like along the way to 2030 and what this means for everyone working in Marketing & Sales today.

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Customer Stories


With CM.com's TraceDock, we now have 10% more data to optimize our ad spend with, resulting in an increase in our ROI for Google Ads and Facebook.

Simon Vreeman - Growth Marketing Manager, VanMoof


30% of our traffic is now attributed with higher accuracy, creating a better view of where our transactions originate.

Bouke Plat - Head of BI, Greetz.nl


Mobile Marketing Cloud

Unlock your data and create highly personalized campaigns over multiple channels with our software.

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Communications Platform

Connect to our platform to efficiently engage your customers across all messaging channels and via voice.

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Complete contracts and agreements with speed and efficiency without unnecessary printing.

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Customer Data Platforms Guide

Customer Data Platforms Guide

You've heard of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) as a marketer. But what exactly is a CDP, and what is your marketing team missing out on if you don't have one? Here's what you need to know in this guide.

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