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Know Your Customers As Individuals

A unified Customer Data Platform to create 360° profiles, deliver personalized experiences and boost growth.


Increase Customer
Lifetime Value

Increase relevance and revenue with personalization at every touchpoint

Reduce Total Cost of

Easily consolidate exsiting data platforms and remove redundant tools.

Establish One
Source of Truth

Empower employees to access and understand customer data all in one place.

Rich Customer Profiles For Rich Relationships

Leverage your own data sources to build a rich understanding of each customer, decreasing dependence on 3rd party cookies. Our Customer Data Platform unifies data across all touchpoints into real-time 360-degree customer profiles, enabling you to nurture strong relationships and drive revenue.


Web Tracking

Monitor visitors browsing patterns and merge with the relevant profile when possible.

Integrate Data

Integrate first-party data no matter where it’s stored, eliminating dependence on cookies.

Identity Resolution

Accurately identify and merge data from the same individual into 360° customer profiles.


Predict The Next Step in Your Customers Journey with AI

Enhance customer profiles with AI-driven recommendations, such as predicting behaviour, enabling customer service and marketing to provide truly personalized 1:1 interactions.

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Self-Learning AI

Connect existing data sources and allow the AI to learn from the start and continuously with every interaction.

Conversational AI Cloud control your answers

Control Your AI

Fuel the algorithms with your own business specific context and adjust when necessary to ensure accurate, relevant predictions


No Black Box

Gain transparency and view insights into why certain AI-driven recommendations have been suggested.

Integrate across all sources

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Personalized Communications Made Easy

Why Work With's Customer Data Platform?

  1. First-Party Data Collection
  2. Controlled Data Retention
  3. Integrated Analytics & Insights
  4. Advanced AI Predictions
  5. GDPR-Compliant & ISO 27001

Goodbye Siloed Solutions.
Hello Engagement Platform.

Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly integrates with our service and marketing tools to create a unified customer experience and unify data across departments. It effortlessly connects to our Mobile Marketing Cloud, AI Decisioning Engine, Mobile Service Cloud and more.

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

Find Answers To Your Questions

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

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A CDP or Customer Data Platform is software that collects customer touchpoints and interactions with your product or service from various channels and sources. It aggregates all this data from multiple sources to create a unified profile of each customer.

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What is Cookieless Data Collection?

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Cookieless data collection gathers user data and insights without using website cookies (data trackers that contain personal identifiers) either because the user rejects them or because they are not permitted. This method is growing given multiple tracking restrictions and privacy regulations.

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What is First-Party Data Collection?

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First-party data is customer data collected with consent and owned directly by your company (the data controller). It is a valuable source of customer insight in the age of data privacy, as regulations and security measures now make other types of data less secure, accurate, and reliable.

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What is Server-Side Tracking?

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Client and server-side tracking are two routes to collecting audience data. With client-side tracking, the user’s browser (client) sends data to the tracking platform’s server. Server-side tracking sends the user data to your website server first before being transferred to the tracking platform.

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