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Healthcare in 2021

Virtual Care Surged Under COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked big growth in telehealth usage as consumers and providers sought ways to safely access and deliver healthcare (McKinsey).

Increased Use of Digital Technologies

64% of EU healthcare providers reported that their organizations had increased their adoption of digital technologies to provide virtual support for patients (Deloitte).

AI Is Gaining Traction in Healthcare

The pandemic has opened doors for AI and digital technologies to solve complex problems and offer more tailored healthcare experiences (Pharmavoice).

Reduce Healthcare Costs With Real-Time Communication

Instant and Effective Client Contact

Health Care Services and Facilities

Healthcare Services and Facilities

When diagnosing, treating, and providing medical services to clients, they must be kept informed at all times. Communicating on your clients' preferred channels is therefore key.

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Providing the right equipment to clients is vital to their health and helps in diagnosing and treating. Since eHealth and portable health gadgets are often directly sold to consumers, communication is key. Ensure you inform and support your customers.

Insurance, Medical service, Managed Care

Insurance, Medical service, Managed Care

Help clients make informed decisions. Everyone deserves the insurance and care that best fits them. Offering the best possible customer experience not only increases patient engagement and retention but also improves care.



Remind clients to refill prescriptions before their last dose and provide relevant follow-up information at the moment of need. This way, your organization can become more efficient.

Transform the Client Experience with a Reliable Partner

Clients expect healthcare services that fit their schedule and at their preferred location. Next to that, they prefer to be contacted through their preferred communication channels.

When it comes to health and patient information, data security is crucial. Providing an online infrastructure for communication comes with great responsibility. Therefore, ensuring availability, integrity, and confidentiality is a top priority.

Healthcare Successes


RCS Business Messaging

Amphia uses RCS messaging to optimize communication with patients to support them throughout their care process.

GGD West-Brabant

Conversational AI Cloud

The GGD West-Brabant launched GGDChat for contact tracing, using an AI-powered chatbot in the fight against COVID-19.


Secure and Rich Messaging for Contact With Clients

RCS enables safer and complete communication, e.g., through additional (GIF) images, audio, video, added (appointment) links, or documents.

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