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Jan 27, 2021
4 minutes read

WhatsApp For Business Is A Blessing For The Logistics Industry

In 2019, the global logistics market was worth a value of US$ 4,963 Billion (IMARC Group study, Logistics Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025). The growth factor is exciting for the companies working in logistics, but it also means a growth in headache as more packages mean more queries. Customer service departments are already overflowing with a daily stream of repetitive questions about deliveries, rescheduling, complaints, and more, which ultimately act as a significant drain on company time, money, and resources when brought together.

The logistics industry has many problems on their hand, including the technological advancement of business processes and customer service improvement. The industry is having a hard time catching up with the technology, and as far as customer service goes, the more transparency you can maintain with your customers, the better. The customer service department is often stuck answering repetitive queries of whereabouts of a package, return and refund questions, payment-related queries, all those that have a fairly similar answer to them. Wouldn’t it be easier for the customers as well as the employees if questions are answered even before they are asked? All the recurring incoming questions are already answered for you?

Enters WhatsApp Business API

The logistics industry needs a quick, non-expensive, interactive, easy to use, and scale tool that is available to the masses. WhatsApp Business very conveniently checks all the boxes. Moreover, it can be easily added to your existing customer interaction flows reinforcing each other's strengths and purposes. It is the world’s largest messaging platform, with an active user base of over 2 billion individuals monthly. It is rather obvious that most iOS and Android devices in the world have WhatsApp downloaded on the devices. Companies follow customers onto platforms, not the other way around, and there is no bigger platform than WhatsApp today. WhatsApp launched its Business API in 2018, and there has been no turning back since then. WhatsApp Business has solved and strengthened logistics issues in various departments with the use of chatbot and message templates and more. It came up as a revolution of business messaging and has been booming since then.

How WhatsApp Business helps logistics?

WhatsApp Business + A Chatbot - A Chatbot works as an additional channel for acquiring and retaining customers. The leads that are generated via the business messaging platform have a conversion rate of 3x than the traditional channels. Chatbots can result in average conversion rates of 20% and higher, while forms only lead to a 1-5% conversion rate.

More orders mean more queries, and handling this magnitude of customer queries requires a massive, and expensive human team of customer support. Since these queries are often repetitive, they keep your support lines unnecessarily busy, resulting in below-average customer experiences. With a WhatsApp Chatbot for Logistics, you can use an automated response for up to 80% of support queries and reduce support-related costs and staff and free time for your employees to solve complex issues that require a human agent.

Chatbots also enable a two-way conversation between the company and its customers. The bot does understand if/when a customer requires human support and automatically transfers the chat to a human agent. During the automated conversation on WhatsApp Business with the bot, the customer will be directed to a customer care executive if the bot suspects the need for the same. You can also transfer chats to different departments as per some specific keywords that the bot will detect.

Message templates

These are pre-approved messages ranging from delivery info to answers to general questions that can be sent to your customers. These message templates help you and the customer start conversations conveniently. Whatever may be the case, the messages you sent your customers need to be valuable, informative, and relevant. The important rule of business messaging is adding a personal touch; personalization is key. WhatsApp’s Message Templates can be customized as per customers and optimize customer care in the Logistics sector.

WhatsApp Business is carving logistics’ future

Some logistics companies have already started reaping the rewards of switching to WhatsApp Business by optimizing their existing customer experience while preparing their operations for increased demand in the future. From real-time shipping notifications, live location sharing to new delivery instructions and the last-mile preferences, WhatsApp Business eases the job by automatically delivering personalized messages. The message templates can be used in conjunction with a chatbot to update and engage in two-way conversations with customers, all at a minimal cost.

Use as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to gain access to all popular messaging channels including SMS and Voice channels, therefore, optimize your communication flows. Creating a presence on WhatsApp will allow you to amplify your communication by incorporating multimedia within texts and by topping it up with the other popular communication channels, a company will be to amplify its customer support setup. WhatsApp Business is a wholesome solution to your customer relations and’s 20+ years of experience in developing communications technology gives you an edge over the competitors.

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