Shaping healthcare service and patient engagement

Engage in conversations anywhere with your patients during their healthcare journey.

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Appointment Scheduling

Allow patients to confirm, reschedule, and cancel appointments through messaging channels like WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS.

Touchless Screenings

Enable your patients to sign in and conduct COVID-19 screenings through Pages on their phones and improve patient engagement.

Automated Omnichannel

Remind patients to refill prescriptions and send them pre-and post-procedure advice as they progress through their health journey.

Chatbot Conversations

Help patients whilst freeing up doctors and nurses with self-service conversational AI bots for personalised healthcare experiences.

You deliver the experience,we deliver the tools

A patient-centred approach in healthcare is built on personalisation. Our platform enables healthcare providers to streamline operations for their patients.

You can read more about it in our blog.

Instant and effective patient contact with



Remind patients to refill prescriptions before their last dose and provide essential follow-up information when needed. Your pharmacy will be more efficient and enhance patient satisfaction.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Enable patients in making informed decisions. Everyone deserves the insurance and care that is best suited to their needs. Providing the best customer experience possible not only increases patient engagement and retention but also improves care.

Healthcare Services and Facilities

Healthcare Services and Facilities

Medical services and facilities play a critical role in providing their patients with diagnosis, treatment, and medical services. It is critical to keep clients updated at all times, which is why communication is essential.


Collaborate with other healthcare providers

Collaborate and share information with medical colleagues from different hospitals, and locations to provide the best treatment for patients.

You can easily work together with other skilled healthcare practitioners, other teams, and external parties such as pharmacists or blood donation agencies using Mobile Service Cloud. The options are endless: leave comments, snooze conversations or assign to the right medical colleague.

Mobile Service Cloud

Connect with patients on every channel

Enable patients to connect with healthcare professionals through their preferred channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram Messaging, SMS, and more.

From remote diagnosis and consultations (through images and video clips) to allowing patients to confirm, reschedule and cancel appointments - make healthcare easier and inclusive throughout the patient's journey to recovery.

Conversational Channels

Automate patient contact centre

Create a conversational bot that is intelligent and personalised, saving time and improving patient outcomes.

Questions and inquiries can be handled quickly and effectively with the integration of AI Chatbots into WhatsApp. From self service COVID-19 screening, appointment reminders to notifications, such as prescription ready alerts, route patients to the best-skilled doctors or nurses based on past needs.

Conversational AI Cloud

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