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5 Myths Busted For Automating The Customer Service

In a world dominated by an “I need it now” mentality, customers don’t just want their queries solved. They want them solved efficiently and they want them solved now. The days of being put on hold, or scrolling through websites have come to an end and customer service needs to adjust to keep up. Companies need to provide each individual customer with the smart, tailored experience they deserve, that’s why we set out to develop DigitalCX: a platform for automated customer service.

DigitalCX is a platform that delivers personal engagement automatically. But what does that mean? How does it work and how does it help your business? Let’s debunk 5 popular myths related to virtual assistants and self-service to explore what value a solid customer engagement platform can deliver to your organization.

1. Isn’t It Just an Overrated Search Bar?

DigitalCX is more than an easier way for customers to navigate a website, it’s much more than a simple search bar. It guides customers in their journeys and helps them achieve their goals. It also provides analysis, feedback and information on real problems customers are facing. With search bars, customers are faced with multiple similar search results, this is confusing and frustrating. With DigitalCX, a customer receives the correct information immediately, instead of having to trawl through search results. It’s a big step towards automating customer service.

2. Customers Want to Talk to Real People

This is one of the biggest myths. In reality it’s different: Customers want their problem solved, and NOW! It’s an assumption that the best way to solve a customer’s query is with real human beings on the other end of the computer. Platforms like DigitalCX can answer questions before they’re even asked, understanding exactly what individual customers are after. It gives a personal answer right away. By keeping more customers online this way, you leave the phone centers or Live Chat agents free to deal with more complex problems.

3. FAQs Are Enough

Are they really? FAQs are useful of course, they provide instant information to very specific questions. However, there are three main concerns with this.

– The first is that you are limiting the number of questions a customer can ask. What if their question isn’t answered by your Top 10 FAQs? They’ve then got to click around and figure out where on earth they’re going to find their own answer.

– The second concern is that if you have multiple FAQs (for example 20 or 30 FAQs on a page, hidden behind headings or buttons) it’s a similar problem to the search bar. The customer has to fish through all the various buttons until they find the right information.

– Finally, you have collected all this data on your customers, what they are asking, how they are asking their questions and FAQs are a great way to utilise this data. Intelligent FAQs are a useful tool for a great customer experience.

DigitalCX uses intelligent FAQs which are either page or context-based. It means that the FAQs adjust to who you are and what you are trying to achieve. It recognizes your journey and adjusts relevant FAQs to ensure you reach your goals faster.

4. Why Use Anything Other Than Live Chat?

This one is rather simple. DigitalCX can reply to thousands of questions a minute, whereas a dedicated team of Live Chat agents might manage a few hundred interactions per day. And when DigitalCX filters through the simpler questions, the Customer Services team is free to deal with more complex matters.

Additionally, if you only offer Live Chat, what does your customer do when it’s not available? Waiting for the customer to act first leads to a poor customer experience. Proactively offering helps before sending a customer to Live Chat will not only free up your Live Chat agents, it gives the customer information 24/7.

The combination of both Live Chat and DigitalCX makes for a streamlined, more efficient customer service, and makes the customer journey that much better. 

5. All The Information They Need Is on Our Website

It probably is, but the customer probably won’t be too happy about trawling through search bars and links for 10 minutes only to find out they have to call the finance department after all. If you make it difficult for a customer and put barriers in their way, whether intentional or not, they will go elsewhere. If a customer can solve their own problem first, then they will. But don’t make it difficult for them and don’t waste their time!

DigitalCX does so much more than just providing information, or reproducing information from the website. It allows for a more dynamic, personalized customer service, which in turn makes for a better customer experience. It provides specific answers to complex questions, multiple choice answers for generic questions, sales pushes and so much more. It intuitively guides customer journeys to resolution in customers’ channel of choice, tailoring guidance around the customers’ intent, preferences and history. It’s all about optimizing the workforce efficiently, proactively and resourcefully, while making the customer feel good about choosing your company over everyone else.

So while a virtual assistant is essentially a smart self-service platform, it works. It instantly solves problems using a combination of channels, data collected from the users themselves and direct input from the client. It does all this without jeopardizing the quality of help given to customers, improving the all-round customer experience. What else could you ask for?
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