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Feb 11, 2024
4 minutes read

Introducing Payments on WhatsApp for the Ultimate End-To-End Customer Experience

Payments are the newest addition to WhatsApp Business Platform's impressive repertoire of powerful customer engagement tools. In this blog we'll introduce how payments on WhatsApp work, and discuss the benefits.

What are Payments on WhatsApp?

A (new) payment feature within WhatsApp Business Platform will allow users to transfer money to other contacts and make purchases without leaving the app. Sending or receiving money is as easy as sharing images or videos, and the new feature is available in the app for both regular use and for Business Accounts.

Payment requests can be shared within the WhatsApp chat, and the status of the transaction will be displayed, whether it is Completed, In Process, or Failed. Generally speaking, WhatsApp payment transfers can take up to two business days to be processed. Failed transactions are automatically refunded within 24 hours, and the transaction history can be accessed via Settings.

Individual use of the payment functionality within WhatsApp is free, but businesses will be charged a fee of 3,99% per received transaction.

It is important to note that payments on WhatsApp are currently only available in Brazil, Singapore, and India. Worldwide roll out is dependent on setting up the necessary infrastructure.

How Do Payments on WhatsApp Work?

Since paying via WhatsApp is not a worldwide feature (yet), we'll focus on its launching pad Brazil to explain how it works.

In Brazil, WhatsApp payments is enabled via Facebook Pay. The transactions are processed by one of the leading payment system companies in Brazil: Cielo. This means that the money transfers are send from and to Brazilian bank accounts (those of Cielo and those of the individual users in Brazil).

The system is not without limitations though. There is a maximum amount limit of R$1000 per transaction, with a monthly limit of R$5000, and a limit of 20 transactions a day. Furthermore, WhatsApp payments in Brazil are only supported in transactions between Brazilian banks.

What Are the Benefits of payments on WhatsApp?

Though the payments feature is not yet available in most places, it's easy to already envision the many benefits for eCommerce worldwide. WhatsApp enables conversational commerce for businesses, and payments are the final addition to an end-to-end, fully incorporated customer buying journey within WhatsApp.

Some benefits of implementing payments into WhatsApp to complete the in-app customer buying journey are:

  • Simplify the payment process - No need for second (payment) apps, no switching between screens, and no long check-out processes. This will significantly reduce the risk of cart abandonment by customers.

  • Increase convenience - By enabling in-app purchases you will make it easier for customers to pay. The accessibility and convenience, particularly on mobile devices, will take away any hurdle your customers may experience when purchasing your products.

  • Utilize WhatsApp's immense reach - WhatsApp is an incredibly popular channel, with over 2 billion active daily users worldwide. Tap into this massive user base and reach all (potential) buyers.

  • Secure your payments - WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, which adds an additional layer of security and safeguards transactions against fraud and unauthorized access. An ideal solution for online payments. Also, Meta will not have access to customer data, as the transactions will be processed via the banks.

  • Offer cross-border transactions - With payments on WhatsApp, you can easily facilitate worldwide transactions. It's the perfect solution for countries without international payment options and it'll open up new opportunities for growth and revenue for your business.

‍Payments on WhatsApp for Your Business?

Payments via WhatsApp are still unavailable in most countries, and there are still a set of limitations, but its benefits are certainly something to look forward to. The ultimate end-to-end customer experience on WhatsApp is within reach.

WhatsApp Business Platform, with its enormous reach, rich media, and innovative features is definitely a powerful customer engagement tool for any (online) business. Want to know what WhatsApp Business Platform can do for your business right now? Check out our WhatsApp Business Platform product page for more information and use cases, or contact one of our experts to discuss your personal goals and strategies.

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