What Is General Admission Ticketing?

General Admission Ticketing simply refers to the act of allocating tickets for events with no assigned seat or specific area. Often referred to as ‘standing tickets’, event organizers are likely to make use of General Admission Ticketing, mainly thanks to its easy “scan and go” nature.

This is opposed to a ‘seated ticketing’ booking, which refers to the act of allocating tickets for events with an assigned seat, for instance, where spectators have a dedicated place to observe the game. General Admission Ticketing is also more straightforward. As a self-service solution, you don’t need any help arranging seating plans. 

The festival and live event market are one of the main focuses for General Admission Ticketing due to the logistics and venues such events are held at, for example, large outdoor spaces and fields with multiple stages or ‘tents’ and a high capacity of event-goers.

The Benefits of General Admission Ticketing

The main benefits of using General Admission Ticketing for your events are the simplicity, customization, and flexibility on offer.

While it might sound like a time-consuming and complex process, designing your ticket shop with your branding and flow is a straightforward process. And that’s all thanks to CM.com’s software. Our user-friendly dashboard doesn’t require any coding skills or the dexterity of developers, and there are no complicated APIs; everything is laid out and easy to follow. 

The Ticket Shop: More than Just Ticketing

The CM.com ticket shop offers a variety of valuable features. First, it is very easy to customize the ticket shop to your preference. This can be done by applying personalized designs and logos to pretty much anything throughout the ticket management process, including both the printed variety and mobile template of the ticket itself. For example, customize it by adding logos, uploading relevant images per ticket type or category, and even design your shop header and overall color themes. 

ticketing branding identity

This high level of customization also applies to event scheduling. For example, if an organizer is running an event that is split over different days - they have the option to create different ticket types and set pricing and availability depending on the date and time. Besides adding ticket types, you can also easily add other products in the shop, for example, merchandise, tokens, camping, and even parking tickets. If you add any of these extra products, you can easily structure and organize this by using a ticket flow. This refers to the extra available, which can provide ample opportunity for upselling and cross-sale.

Upselling & Cross Selling ticketing

Equally, the addition of CM.com’s real-time ticket sales insights can offer massive advantages in helping businesses see current revenues, sales figures and thus better strategize ahead of an event. 

Another beneficial feature is the option to generate discount codes and voucher campaigns. Discount codes refer to the possibility to offer discounts as percentages and are tailored to specific individuals, for instance, if they’ve purchased their tickets as a ‘Friends and Family’ customer. Voucher Campaigns refer to a fixed amount of discount and are relevant in the rare event of a delay or cancellation of a show or festival and customers are offered vouchers for their purchases. 

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, but there are way more features in the ticket shop to fulfill the needs of organizers. You can discover them by visiting the website, starting your shop, or contacting sales

Why Use CM.com’s General Admission Ticketing Software

CM.com’s General Admission Ticketing software isn’t just a stand-alone platform. What makes this product unique is that it works in conjunction with a suite of CM.com tools that integrate seamlessly. Together, they offer an experience you can’t find anywhere else on the market. A valuable add-on is the Mobile Marketing Cloud. This enables organizers to gather data of their visitors via the Customer Data Platform


Once this customer data has been collected, it is this platform that can be utilized to send automated and personalized messages via SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail.

At CM.com, you only need one platform and one login. You can add more products as and when you need them to enrich your offering of services. Whether that’s ticket sales, email campaigns, or gathering and analyzing the data of your customers for better engagement, it can be done easily, and from one place. 

If you want to learn more about CM.com’s General Admission Ticketing product and how it can work for your business, head over to our Ticketing page.

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