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Meet Customer Expectations

Customers’ service expectations continue to rise. Meeting those is challenging.

Managing costs, keeping customers happy, and ensuring productivity & efficiency might feel like a delicate balancing act, but with the right solutions you're up for the job. helps you to improve customer service.

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Automate Customer Service on WhatsApp Business

By using WhatsApp chatbots, provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, freeing up human customer service agents to handle more complex issues. Pre-Define your own unique FAQs and let our chatbot handle your WhatsApp conversations.

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Efficient, Customer-Focused Customer Service


Fast Support

Make sure your customers get support as quickly and as accurately as possible. Expected response times vary by person and by channel.


The Way Your Customer Wants It

Let your customer decide how, when, and using what channel they want to contact you. Is it via a chatbot? Or by phone?


Conversational Commerce

Help your customers complete a payment, or sign a contract, within the conversation. Turn conversations into conversions.


Proactive Service

Keep your customers up-to-date with proactive service. Send personalized messages via any channel.



Automate routine tasks to eliminate annoyances. Provide a smooth customer service experience. Find the right balance between automation and personalization.


6 Predictions for Customer Service in 2030

What will customer service look like in 2030? Since we can't predict the future, we asked Brian Manusama and Michiel Gaasterland to share their expectations. Are you ready for the future?

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Reshaping Customer Service Experiences

A customer service experience can impact the way your customers perceive your brand. The customer service department is expected to display your brand as trustworthy and help every customer in the way they prefer.

Some customers prefer self-service, while others prefer personal contact. Find the right balance between automation and live contact, independent of channel. Empower your agents to deliver great service experiences across channels.

Continuously evaluate your customer service and think of ways to optimize experiences during the entire customer journey. 

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customer service kpis paper

Customer Service KPIs

Use data to improve your customer service performance. But how do you measure performance? In this paper you will read the 8 most important customer service KPIs, divided into customer KPIs and operational KPIs.

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Conversational Messaging Guide

Conversational Messaging Guide

Which channel do you use to contact your customers? Nowadays it's not quite as easy; customers want to reach you through their favorite channel. In this guide, you will read how to facilitate this.

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power of ai

Conversational AI in Customer Service

The balance between personal contact and automation is still important. Wondering what AI can mean for customer service? In this paper you will discover 5 reasons to start with Conversational AI.

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