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Automate Conversations With Our Chatbots

Satisfy customers through automated and scalable service. Enterprise-ready, easy to implement, and code-free. 

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Deliver a Unique Automated Experience

24/7 Availability

Provide valuable answers, any time and place. You are no longer bound to office hours to deliver a great and consistent experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Deliver fast and accurate responses to questions and inquiries and put a smile on your customers' faces.

Understand Your Customers

If you know your customers you know how to improve. With our AI-powered chatbot, you are fed with valuable insights to continuously improve your service. 

Reduce Costs

Automate repetitive questions with our easy to use chatbots and save hours of labor per month with a scalable service solution.

Increase Revenue

Roll out the red carpet for your customers in a frictionless journey and gain more loyal customers to increase your revenue.

Customer care channels

Excel in Customer Service

Improve your customer service while reducing costs and get a smile on every customer's face.

Provide support by using a chatbot over their favorite communication channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, SMS, Google RCS, and Web Chat.

Regardless of the channel your customers choose, you will be able to deliver fast and accurate customer service.

Chatbot That Best Suits Your Business

Despite your business size, existing service department, or demand, we can provide you with the best suitable chatbot.

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Scripted Chatbot

The Scripted Chatbot is part of Mobile Service Cloud and delivers powerful support in closed dialogues, where predefined options and answers guide your customers in their service journey. 

The Scripted Chatbot is suitable for medium-sized enterprises to support specific service journeys like: 

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    Buy a ticket or make a reservation

  2. checkbox checked icon

    Schedule a meeting 

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    Contact request 

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    Request order status 

Scripted Chatbot
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Conversational AI Cloud

Conversational AI Cloud is AI-powered and enables you to automate full conversations as your extra hand in service.

It's suitable for medium and large enterprises and provides full support in customers engagement like: 

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    Understand human input and handle full conversations 

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    Find accurate answers and solve problems 

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    Personalized interaction and first-line support 

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    If needed handover to a human agent at the right time

Conversational AI Cloud

Scripted Chatbot or Conversational AI Cloud?

Meet Your Business Needs

Scripted Chatbot Conversational AI Cloud
Scripted Chatbot Conversational AI Cloud

Live Chat

Web Integration

App Integration

Conversational Channels Integration

No Coding Required

Support Team

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Drag and Drop Code-Free Interface

Seamless Agent Takeover

Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Management

Automate Without Hurdles

The Advantages of Chatbots

Live Within Days

Our chatbots are easy to implement. If support is required, our customer success managers will provide help to get you started. 

User-Friendly & Relevant

The use of our chatbots doesn’t need any programming skills. Drag and drop to adjust or expand a chatbot flow and maintain relevant and personalized interactions.

Improve Engagement on the Long Run

Our AI powered chatbot enables you to gather and process data with the knowledge management base to improve your customer engagement.

Guaranteeing Data Security

Information security is our top priority. The platform runs on our private cloud which is certified with high-security standards like ISO27001 certification.

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Meet Our Scripted Chatbot

Discover our Scripted Chatbot yourself! Scan the QR code or add +97145896035 to your contacts list and send a message saying ˝Hi˝ over WhatsApp to start experiencing our Chatbot.

Chatbots for the Conversational Commerce Experience

Integrate the chatbot with existing data sources or connect within the platform with multiple products or solutions to build a unique omnichannel service experience.

With the chatbots, we empower the full conversational commerce experience.

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