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To fuel growth in the industry, 80% of industry leaders are focused on improving customer experience. Yet, 85% is not able to define a differentiated customer experience (KMPG).



Digital transformation is the main challenge for logistics & transport companies. Half of the companies within the industry say that's due to a lack of digital culture and training (PWC).


> 200

A global shipment can involve >200 interactions between companies and customers (Deloitte). A conversational messaging strategy is key to enable conversations when and where customers want.


2 hours

With the rapid growth in e-commerce, consumer's expectation are changing. Delivery is expected within hours, with a 24/7 zero-fiction service level next to it.

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Optimize the Logistics & Transport Journey

How can you outperform customer expectations in the world of logistics & transport?

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How can CM.com Help?

Interact with your customers through their preferred channel via one Agent Inbox, or automate your conversations with a chatbot.

Meet your target audience on the channels that they use for a personalized and improved customer journey. Think of channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

Automate your conversations with AI chatbots.

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One of the main transformations within the automotive industry is the increasing connectivity. From connected cars, to connected customers, we have the tools to make it happen.


Freight Transport

Improving the customer experience remains a key strategy for growth within the transport industry. Our solutions enable personalized customer communications like delivery notifications, customer service and conversational AI.


Postal & Parcel Services

With increasing customer expectations, parcel services need to increase customer experience and transparency. Our communication and customer service solutions provide exactly that.

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Infographic: Effective Logistics for Durable Relations

Discover how to optimize the entire customer experience throughout the logistics and transportation journey.

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We Understand Your Challenges

Great customer service in Logistics & Transport is the key to success. Don't let customers wait. Use the right tools to improve your interactions.

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Speed up Marketing & Sales with CM.com's solutions. This is the way to improve the customer experience in Logistics & Transport.

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Technology should work for people, not against them. Streamlining your operations will help you live up to customer expectations. 

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Meeting multi-channel customer demand on the move

The worlds of logistics and communications are converging. Customers, however, aren’t so predictable. Download our guide to discover the challenges needed to address in this multi-channel world.

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